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Canine Intervention Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Not every dog is a good boy right off the bat. Some need extra time and attention to turn into the faithful companions they likely want to become. In the past, people may have relied on Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, for help in reining in their unruly animals, but in 2021, Netflix introduced a new doggie expert who can whip even the most unsocialized dogs into shape — Jas Leverette.

On his new reality TV series, Canine Intervention, Leverette goes around the country to help pet owners find ways to better connect with their animals. In some instances, he even manages to help the owners uncover deep-seated personal issues that are getting in the way of them living fruitful lives as well. The first season only has six episodes, so fans of the series may be wondering when they can see more transformative journeys. As of this writing, Netflix has not yet ordered a second season for Canine Intervention, and the future of the show may not be as straightforward as one would initially assume.

What's the release date for Canine Intervention season 2?

In the event Netflix decides to pick up the show for another season, we assume it would come out about a year after season 1, which released on February 24, 2021. In case you thought it's taking a while for a renewal or cancellation notice to come, the show has actually garnered a bit of controversy from just its first season, which could be a reason for any delays.

Many dog lovers were concerned with Jas Leverette's methods from the first season, which includes the use of electric shock collars and prong collars. These tools have fallen out of favor in recent years due to the harm they can cause animals, so for some, it was surprising to see someone showcasing them so prominently on a TV show in 2021. A petition was even started to try to convince Netflix not to even release the first season, going on to acquire over 47,000 signatures. The episodes still came out, but it's entirely possible the streaming service doesn't want to dance with any potential future controversies and just leave this show in the recycle bin. It remains to be seen, but there hasn't been confirmation one way or the other on the fate of the reality series.

What kinds of dogs will we see on Canine Intervention season 2?

In the event Canine Intervention comes back for season 2, we can expect another batch of pups who just need a little guidance to be set on the right path. The first season had a couple of episodes dedicated to pit bulls, which statistically do happen to be the most dangerous dog breed in the world, but other types did come into the mix from a shepherd-husky mix to a Maltipoo. There's no way of knowing what kind of dogs we'll see in future episodes.

Given a lot of the criticisms surrounding the show, it may be tough to find people willing to put their dogs through more intensive and potentially dangerous behavioral therapies. Many dog experts have already spoken out, including Saro Boghozian, author of A Dog's Five Essential Needs, who went so far as to create a YouTube video where he explains that society doesn't need, "another aversive method of dog training popularized on TV shows in the form of entertainment that does more harm than good." Perhaps if Leverette eases back on some of his methods, more types of dogs can be featured.

What locations could Canine Intervention season 2 visit?

Jas Leverette isn't just a dog owner and trainer. He's also the founder of his very own doggie camp, called Cali K9, which is located in San Jose, California. As such, all of the episodes for season 1 of Canine Intervention took place at this facility, and if the show gets picked up for a second season, we would expect it to follow suit by also taking place in the Bay Area. 

It could also be pretty interesting to watch Leverette take his dog training regimen around the country to different states. It would be a good way to mix up the format of the show from what we've already seen and perhaps even provide a glimpse into whether there are any differing attitudes on how to raise dogs from one region to the next. Without a renewal, these ideas are putting the cart ahead of the horse. Viewers should expect to wait quite some time if a follow-up season ever comes to fruition.