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This Is How To Auto-Loot Items In Outriders

Like many games of its kind that came before it, People Can Fly and Square Enix's Outriders features a looting system. This mechanic enables players to pick up a variety of weapons and items to use in their in-game endeavors. Further, the game offers two different methods of looting, including both manual looting and an auto-loot system. 

Manual looting involves going to each bit of loot and holding down a button to snag it. Meanwhile, auto-looting could be a draw for players who don't want to stop and hunt through various chests and fallen enemies after every firefight, as this makes to loot essentially fly to the player's inventory.

Auto-looting, as implied, allows players to automatically pick up dropped items from fallen foes. However, this option has to be activated, and can be modified, within the options menu. Players can enable auto-looting by making Gameplay Options menu. Once selected, the fourth row down is titled "Auto Loot Minimum Rarity." Players can then adjust this so that items only at or above a certain rarity threshold are auto-looted.

The convenience of auto-looting

There are five types of item rarities in Outriders: Common, Unusual, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Players will select one of the listed options, upon which all items of that rarity and above will be auto-looted. According to Gamer Tweak, auto-loot rarity is set to Rare and Epic by default. 

However, as the game goes on and gain access to more World Tiers and rewards, you may want to toggle this to more devastating and hard-to-find weapons, like the Legendary items that are often dropped by bosses. YouTube channel Somewhat Awesome Games pointed out that players may want to set theirs to Common, so they can more easily collect resource drops for crafting.

As explained by the official Outriders Twitter account, players can also trigger auto-loot manually. The devs wrote, "Pressing the H key on PC or down on the D-Pad manually triggers the Auto loot functionality," allowing you snag everything the vicinity and keep on blasting. 

Some may be disappointed at some of the decisions made in Outriders' development, including the limited potential for expansions. However, features like the auto-loot system and the omission of microtransactions may differentiate the game enough for players who were starting to get bored of the looter shooter genre.