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Darth Vader's Final Rogue One Scene Was A Last-Minute Reshoot

Contains spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If you thought there wasn't enough Darth Vader in Rogue One, he showed up even less in earlier drafts of the film.

The movie's editor editor John Gilroy told Yahoo! Movies that the shot of Vader taking out Rebel soldiers with his lightsaber was added at the last minute. "What was added—and it was a fantastic add—was the Vader action scene, with him boarding the ship and dispatching all those rebel soldiers," Gilroy said. "That was something conceptualized a little later...  It was a really great punch in the arm and something I think fans wanted to see."

Because the reshoot was done after principal production was completed, Daniel Naprous played Vader after Spencer Wilding wore the suit in the scene with Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn). Of course, James Earl Jones provided the voice for Vader throughout.

But that wasn't the only late change: for the scene at Vader's castle on Mustafar, the filmmakers decided to remove a title card that revealed where the scene is set.

"We had one on for a little while, but what we realized was Star Wars fans—true Star Wars fans—if they saw the name, would know exactly what they were going to see," Gilroy said. "And we wanted it to be a bit of a surprise, so we decided to not put the title on so Star Wars fans could be surprised along with people who were not initiated to where Mustafar was."

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