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The Legal Drama Hidden Gem You Can Stream On Hulu

Unlike the standard legal procedurals audiences have grown used to, ABC's For Life puts a major twist on the typical format. Premiering in 2020, the show is the creation of Hank Steinberg and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, and is based on the inspirational true story of Isaac Wright, Jr.

In 1991, Wright was wrongfully convicted of drug kingpin charges, and sentenced to life in prison. Wright stuck to his innocence, and spent seven years studying law in prison so he could represent himself against the prosecutors who framed him. He eventually won his freedom, and his time spent studying the law allowed him to overturn cases for several of his fellow inmates. Wright's legal drama, the effects his incarceration had on his family, and his re-entry into the world are the focuses of the TV show.

British actor Nicholas Pinnock plays Aaron Wallace, an inmate at a New York prison who passes the bar and represents his fellow inmates. After winning cases, and proving he's well equipped to take on big cases, he dives into his own legal situation. With the help of the supportive warden and the lawyer who mentored him, Aaron takes on the prosecutors who framed him. While he struggles through the hits and misses of his case, Aaron deals with issues at home. His estranged wife Marie (Joy Bryant) has been romantically involved with his best friend for several years, and his teenage daughter Jasmine (Tyla Harris) is expecting a baby. Aaron's closest friend in prison is played by veteran character actor Dorian Missick. Jamal is always available to listen when Aaron needs to vent, and in turn, Aaron promises to help him gain his freedom.

By the end of season 1, Aaron finally sets foot outside the prison gates, and season 2 sees him embark on the journey of a practicing attorney. All the wrongs Aaron endured over the years fuel his choice in cases, and his aggressive approach to justice.

A hidden gem focusing on timely issues

During a year when the country experienced a massive uproar over legal injustices, For Life premiered right on time. As a fictional drama, it certainly allows for the kind of escape people need each week, but the serious nature of the cases also shines a realistic light on the wrongdoings of the people meant to protect us.

In an interview with Good Morning America, 50 Cent explained how he first came to know Isaac Wright Jr.'s story, and how after being blown away by the details he thought "this belongs on television." He later revealed that the initial idea was to turn the story into a feature film, but settled on the fact that "it requires more time to tell that journey."

Settling on a TV show for the examination of this compelling story definitely worked for audiences, who seem to enjoy the show overall. Critics were pretty mixed on the necessity of yet another legal procedural, but could see hints of the show's longevity after only a few episodes, saying, "There actually is a version of For Life that could be quite solid," (via The Hollywood Reporter), and the show truly excels when it "allows itself to be a story." (via Variety) Fans looking for a fresh new take on legal dramas should check out For Life, now streaming on Hulu.