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WandaVision's Director Hayward Actor Gets Candid About His MCU Future

WandaVision is long gone, and we've all moved on to Marvel Studios and Disney+'s newest original series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Nonetheless, even though we've got a whole new cast and storyline to focus on, much of the Marvel conversation these days still surrounds what went on in Westview. There are so many unanswered questions, and supporting characters, we still need more information on.

What's become of Dottie, Herb, and Norm, for instance? And was Director David Hayward (Josh Stamberg) really just a bad guy, and not someone else in disguise? Let's dive into that one a little bit more. For nine episodes, fan theories ran rampant on the internet, suggesting that Director Hayward was some sort of villain in disguise, and more often than not, he was thought to be Mephisto. When the series concluded and Hayward was taken away in handcuffs, it looked like he really was just another jerk in a position of power, but we won't know if any of that is true unless we see him again.

Stamberg recently shed some light on what we can expect of Director Hayward moving forward in the MCU — if we really can expect anything at all.

Director Hayward's future in the MCU is murky

Josh Stamberg sat down with SiriusXM's Jessica Shaw and Dalton Ross to discuss his role in the series, and if we'll see him again. It doesn't appear as if he knows if he'll be in another project in the future, and it seems like it's tearing at him a little bit. Shaw asked him directly what movie or show he'd be in next, and you could feel his desire for answers.

"God, I wish I knew! I so want the answer to that," he said. "And it was one of my first questions to them was like, 'Do I die?' And so, I kept waiting because the last episode wasn't written and when it finally [was], I was like, I don't die. I kept emailing. Right [...] And so when it came to reading [about Hayward] 'led away in cuffs,' I was like, yes, maybe I am Mephisto." 

If Hayward really is Mephisto remains to be seen, but it might be time for the theorists out there to let this one go. As far As Stamberg is concerned, he's still just normal human-being-Hayward with an uncertain future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He noted that the powers-that-be at Marvel Studios just don't share a lot with their actors. "I don't even think that Paul Bettany knows what, how and where he shows up next," Stamberg said. "I know that, you know, Lizzie Olsen's in the middle of shooting the next one now. And I think beyond that, they just don't share it. It's not, there's nothing contractual." 

For now, he is still holding onto the hope that he'll get a phone call soon, and if he does, he'll be happy to jump back into the role.