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The Wildest Theories About Piglet From The Masked Singer

Earlier this month, Fox began airing the fifth season of its reality competition show, The Masked Singer. Like many such shows, its cast participates in various challenge rounds, with the winners advancing to the next episode and the losers getting ceremoniously eliminated. However, this one comes with a twist that sets itself apart from competitors like America's Got Talent or The Voice in that all of the show's contestants are already successful celebrities.

To make it even more unique, each celebrity contestant is disguised as a different fictional character. Clues as to their true identity are sprinkled throughout their video packages and performances, and both the judges and the audience attempt to discern each one over the course of the episode while casting popularity votes for their favorite characters. Losers of each round are unmasked and subsequently eliminated.

Now, with the recent release of the show's newest season, fans are itching to learn the truth behind the new cast's identities. Many viewers are coming up with theories regarding the issue, and right now they seem very confident about one character introduced in episode 2, Piglet. Despite that, the true identity of Piglet has yet to be determined.

Fans are confident that Piglet is Nick Lachey

Shortly after the episode first aired on TV, Piglet's performance was uploaded to the YouTube channel Talent Recap. Fans flocked to the video's comments section and overwhelmingly posted predictions stating that Piglet is actually former 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey. Many pointed out the striking similarities between Piglet and Lachey's voice while others connected the dots between the clues and Lachey's personal life.

"Definitely Nick Lachey's voice," one YouTube commenter wrote. "He's from Cincinnati, 'Porkopolis.' That's why he's a piglet. Famous relationship/divorce with Jessica Simpson (yellow rose from Texas) The video is a nod to 98 degrees music video for 'I Do'. He also co-hosts a dating show called Love Is Blind. He starred in an Axe body spray commercial (axe tattoo). And hosted Big Morning Buzz Live (hence the alarm clock and cluedle-doo saying buzz)."

All of this evidence together does make a convincing case for Nick Lachey being Piglet. A quick listen to any of Lachey's songs confirms how similar the two voices sound. Furthermore, the connection between Piglet's yellow rose and Lachey's highly publicized marriage to blond Texan pop star Jessica Simpson was enough to seal the deal for many fans' opinions. However, there are a couple of other likely candidates.

One judge suggested singer Adam Lambert

Once Piglet finished his performance of Speechless by Dan & Shay, judges had their first opportunity to guess at Piglet's identity. Judge Ken Jeong, who also hosted the singing competition series I Can See Your Voice, piped up with his first impression of Piglet, via IMDb.

"Based on the heartbreak clues, I'm thinking of singers who didn't win American Idol, Jeong said. "But I'm landing on Adam Lambert...There is a rose with a thorn. He released a single last year called Roses.

This guess may not be as comprehensive as that of the audience, but based on his first impression, Jeong managed to suggest his own viable candidate. Lambert's signature voice isn't out of Piglet's range. Meanwhile, the connection between Lambert's song "Roses" and Piglet's rose has plausibility but doesn't line up 100 percent with the farm animal's flower, which is both yellow and thorned. Jeong isn't the only judge to have their own guess, however.

Nicole Scherzinger thinks Piglet is Charlie Puth

Much like Jeong, judge Nicole Scherzinger followed up with her own ideas for Piglet's identity. She also based her answers on the theme of heartbreak and suggested actor Liam Hemsworth as a possible candidate based on his past relationship with Miley Cyrus.

"But then I saw the rose with the thorns," Scherzinger said. "And I thought this person was dating Bella Thorne. I think she broke his heart. I think that it could be Charlie Puth."

Again, Scherzinger's answer is based on the few key clues that all the judges picked up on. Like Jeong, her answer focused on Piglet's trademark rose. And while her answer makes the rose connection without disregarding the thorn element, it still doesn't align with all of the characters' clues. For fans, the truth will have to wait until Piglet's mask finally comes off.