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How Much The Julius Caesar Bust From Pawn Stars Is Really Worth

Known for his military and political genius (and some false quotes), Julius Caesar was a dictator who "changed the course of the history of the Greco-Roman world," according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. He's one of the most iconic names in Western history and has been featured all across pop culture, from underrated historical epics to a John Mulaney joke that wound up alerting the attention of the U.S. Secret Service. Most recently, Julius Caesar showed up in the latest episode of Pawn Stars — in the form of a bust made from 500 ounces of pure silver.

Busts, which are a sculpture of someone's face and/or upper torso, were especially popular in ancient time periods. The bust brought into the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was even endorsed by the Vatican, which drastically increased how much it was worth. According to the show's art expert Chad Sampson, the piece was part of the Chiaramonti Museum backed by the Vatican itself. Here's what its actual value is.

The Julius Caesar bust is worth a lot of money

The Julius Caesar bust seen on Pawn Stars was worth at least $12,000 in pure silver alone, according to the show. However, the piece has so much more value than just the silver itself

Sampson mentioned that this belonged to the Vatican's Chiaramonti Museum, but the sculptor remains anonymous. It was molded from the original marble sculpture of Caesar, and only 99 of them were created during Caesar's lifetime, which was in the first century CE. For one to be brought to the show was a rare opportunity, and Sampson told Corey Harrison to pay no more than $50,000 for it in order to make a profit. (Its "gallery price" was said to be about $75,000.) 

So, how much could they sell it for? Another one of the pieces is actually up for sale at Liberty Coin. The asking price is $65,000, which is still $10,000 short of the price the customer in Pawn Stars asked for.