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Rocket League Season 3 - What We Know So Far

Psyonix's competitive car-soccer hybrid Rocket League celebrates its sixth year of live service this year, and Psyonix is releasing a new season ahead of that anniversary. The next chapter in the Rocket League saga looks like it will add a bit of real-world flair to the game's sometimes cartoonish palette, with new vehicles and locations inspired by some of the world's most famous racing institutions.

Rocket League seasons, which dictate player rankings and add new content, typically last from three to six months, and the game has had over a dozen since its 2015 launch. However, when Rocket League went free to play in the second half of 2020, it reset its season count. As such, the upcoming season is labeled as the third season, although it is technically the game's seventeenth.

For a game that is over half a decade old, Rocket League still enjoys a passionate online player base, fueled by the game's popularity as an esport and the title's recent next-gen ports. A new season featuring tons of fresh content indicates a bright future for the game. Here is everything we know about Rocket League Season 3.

When is Rocket League Season 3's release date?

The next season of Rocket League will be underway as of April 7, 2021. The Season 3 update is expected to deliver a ton of new content and reset player rankings

Once the season gets underway, players can check out the new Competitive Tournaments Rewards, earned from victories in Rocket League's bracketed 3v3 Competitive Tournaments. These rewards include titles and a share of Tournament Credits, which gamers can trade at the Rocket League item shop for cosmetics such as decals, wheels, and goal explosions. Players will receive any rewards earned during Season 2 as soon as Season 3 begins.

While Psyonix stated in its official announcement that Season 3 begins on April 7, it looks like some of the season's most notable content may be arriving staggered throughout the season. Specifically, fans should expect branded NASCAR content to arrive in early May, while Formula 1 content will be released at least a week or two after that, in mid-May.

Does Rocket League Season 3 have a trailer?

The official announcement for Rocket League Season 3 was accompanied by a short trailer, which highlights some of the major new content additions. It also offers fans a brief look at the redesigned DFH Stadium (Circuit) arena.

In the trailer, Rocket League fans are shown two new cars, a NASCAR stock car and an F1 racer. Those vehicles are shown racing on a paved circuit, as players would expect to see them in real life, although both cars soon begin using Rocket League's signature boost as they jockey for position to strike the game ball.

The camera then pulls back to reveal that the paved track is actually on the outer edge of a Rocket League arena. That arena is presumably the redesigned DFH Stadium (Circuit), which was announced alongside the Season 3 release date. Psyonix has stated that redesigned arena will feature "all the pageantry found trackside during a championship Sunday," which looks right in line with what appears in the trailer.

What new cars will be available in Rocket League Season 3?

So far, only one new vehicle has been specifically announced for Rocket League Season 3: the Tyranno. However, players can expect more information on the expected NASCAR and F1 cars as the season progresses.

Psyonix described Tyranno as a "master of dash with a Dominus hitbox." Dominus is one of the most popular vehicles in the game, so a new combination of the car's strike profile with new burst abilities should prove useful to Rocket League veterans. Tyranno is included in the Season 3 Rocket Pass, which Psyonix plans to detail further before the new season launches.

Less information is offered about the game's upcoming F1 and NASCAR-inspired cars, although fans can see both in the game's trailer. Neither featured vehicle seems to represent a real-world driver's signature vehicle, as the NASCAR vehicle has only a decal of the number 63 and none of the tip-to-toe advertising material associated with most real NASCAR racers. Similarly, he F1 vehicle has some Rocket League branding, but does not seem to represent any specific race car.