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What You Never Noticed About The Pools On Breaking Bad

Fans of Breaking Bad know the show is rich with symbolism. Throughout its run, the series utilized recurring imagery and themes to reveal even more meaning behind the characters, their actions, and their fates. Whether it was the use of color, wardrobe, or scenery, there was always something more to dig into on the screen.

These hidden and not-so-hidden details are part of what makes Breaking Bad so inherently rewatchable, even years after it finished its run on AMC. Fans are all too happy to discuss the potential hidden meaning of a painting on a wall that appeared a handful of times or, perhaps, even a seemingly innocuous set piece that was a fixture throughout the series' run.

Take, for example, the White family's pool. It featured prominently in the background of countless scenes, whether Walter (Bryan Cranston) was sitting beside it contemplating his fate or the family was suffering through an awkward family dinner. It also was the scene of several pivotal moments in Breaking Bad. But in all the time that the pool appeared on screen, there's one thing that you may not have noticed about it until recently. Let's take a look at this hidden detail and what it tells us about Breaking Bad — but please remember, there will be minor spoilers for the series!

The pool at Walter White's house didn't seem to get much use on Breaking Bad

For all the times we saw Walter and Skyler (Anna Gunn)'s pool in the background of Breaking Bad, there were only a handful of moments during the series that it was actually a part of the story. The pool served as the landing place for the charred teddy bear that was a central motif in the series' second season. The fact that Walter's backyard was the landing place for the debris from a plane crash caused by the negligence of Jane's father after she died of an overdose that Walter chose not to prevent was one of the more on-the-nose bits of symbolism Breaking Bad served up.

In season 5, the pool was the scene of another grisly moment when Skyler, out of desperation, dove in and attempted suicide by drowning. These moments certainly stand out to fans, but what might have been less noticeable was the fact that throughout the series' run, the pool at the White's house never really got used for anything fun, like swimming or even just dipping toes in. Breaking Bad turned a classic symbol of relaxation and joy totally on its head.

When you take a step back to consider this fact, though, it's not too surprising. The White family was usually in a state of minor to major crisis throughout the series' run — the parents were pretty busy running a drug empire, after all. The show's refusal to associate the pool with any moments of the family kicking back and enjoying each other's company is pretty consistent with the overall trajectory of their story. A chill afternoon by the pool could have done wonders for their stress levels — it's a shame they didn't get that chance.