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The Character Detail That Puzzles The Office Fans During Rewatches

If you're a die-hard fan of The Office, you most likely have rewatched the series at least once. Throughout the nine seasons of the show, fans have been treated with countless hours of workplace shenanigans. Whether it's Jim (John Krasinski) pranking Dwight (Rainn Wilson) or Michael Scott (Steve Carell) getting himself into another easily-avoidable predicament, there's always something suitably wacky happening. 

If you aren't an avid re-watcher, you may want to reconsider. One of the most rewarding experiences from watching The Office so many times is you get to see the character development from everyone. You probably won't be surprised by any details about the roles of the leads, but what about all those fun side characters who truly make it an ensemble? There are a handful of character details you may have missed during the last time you watched the show, like the fact the Toby and Kate (Amy Adams! Remember when Amy Adams was on The Office?) went to the same high school. One detail in particular really stands out.

Kelly Kapoor is a completely different person

The last thing fans may have missed if they haven't rewatched The Office obsessively is the dramatic character growth of Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling). Everyone remembers Kelly as the sassy customer service representative who is crazy about Ryan (B.J Novak) and loves to flaunt her fashion sense. In the first season, however, this is not the case. Kelly is much more reserved in season 1, often wearing uncomfortable blouses and mainly remaining quiet. 

As Angela Martin and Jenna Fischer point out in their podcast, Office Ladies, Kelly's transformation is probably the most dramatic of all of the characters. Toward the end of the series, Kelly is much more outspoken and dramatic about herself. This ultimately proves to be a significant adjustment for her character, as these traits are what fans love about Kelly.