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The Bizarre Side Effect Of Corpse Husband's Scary Stories

Well before he took the streaming world by storm playing Among Us, the YouTube personality known as Corpse Husband made a name for himself using his unusually deep voice to narrate creepy tales. His endeavors have made him a lot more money than one might expect, and because he earns his income in such a manner, some may think that he has it made. But is he truly satisfied with what he does?

Considering that Corpse Husband isn't close with his family, it's easy to assume he leads a fairly isolated life. What kind of effects would that have on someone who makes a living reading scary stories?

Corpse uploaded his first spooky narration in 2015 and has been posting videos like it ever since, though his Among Us uploads appear to have overtake his horror tales. Could it be that recounting such grim and gruesome details may have taken a toll on him in any way? Is it possible that he's shifted to Among Us as a way to give himself a reprieve from the dark places these narrations take him? 

This is the bizarre side effect of Corpse Husband's scary stories.

Corpse Husband feels weird about what he does

Going back to 2017, Corpse Husband hosted a live Q&A where he opened up about a lot of things for his fans. One listener asked if the production process for his scary stories has ever bothered him, to which he said, "Yes." 

He elaborated to his audience that he had to "listen to sound effects of, like, children screaming and um, look at Google images of very dark things at, like, two in the morning by [himself] with the lights off in dead silence." He confirmed that it's a strange process.

It's easy to imagine how such a way of recording could take a toll on someone after a while. Corpse's Among Us streams seem to give him a good bit of time to recharge after he creeps himself out during a recording session.

In a Q&A from 2019, Corpse also revealed that he was struggling to read the stories due to issues with his eyes. As much as people enjoy listening to him recount scary stories, they have unfortunately come at a cost.