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The 80-Year-Old Truck That Sold For Nearly $100k On Pawn Stars

In the most recent Pawn Stars episode, which aired on History on March 22, 2021, Rick and Corey Harrison sealed the deal on an 80-year-old truck, paying nearly $100,000 for the historic vehicle, adding it to the ranks of some of the most expensive items in Pawn Stars history

The truck, an M3 Half-Track Carrier, was used in World War II to transport wounded soldiers and civilians from battle sites while also being used for communication purposes. The seller and his father, who had a touching World War II story where a half-track carrier saved his life, had refurbished the truck, also known as the  Multiple Gun Motor Carriage. Despite the sentiment behind the vehicle, the seller had nowhere to keep it — so, he opted to try to sell it in order to have enough funds to throw a get-together for his entire family. 

Originally, the M13s were made to be anti-aircraft weapons, but the lack of firepower made it weak for its original goal. However, they worked well for taxing people around, and as providing efficient cover like the seller's father experienced.

The truck with with even more firepower

As seen on the show, the M13 had anti-aircraft guns attached to the top. Corey even took his shot in the truck, eventually setting some of the terrain around them on fire (don't try it at home — everything was closely regulated on the show). It was a pretty rare find considering the M13 was quickly taken out of service, and the fact that this specific one was running smoothly was outstanding. 

Rick turned down purchasing the guns for an additional $60,000. He reasoned that while he could legally do it with no issue, the amount of paperwork and federal hoops to jump through made the prospect simply not worth it in the end. While the M13 model of the Half-Track Carrier didn't see much success with the guns, the M15 version of the truck saw two more gun turrets added to increase just how hard this vehicle could hit. 

Despite being purchased for nearly $100,000, the  still doesn't come close to the most expensive item on Pawn Stars.