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The Joke That Connects The Snyder Cut To The Flash TV Series

Zack Snyder's Justice League has made a huge impression on fans and there's a ton to be excited about. Featuring plenty of new scenes, this cut of Justice League contains a ton of references to other characters and franchises within the DC universe. With all of these new Easter eggs, there's bound to be a connection or two that only hardcore fans would've noticed.

Of the many references, one was a nod to the 2014 television series, The Flash. This Easter egg came in the form of a quick joke made by Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), otherwise known as The Flash. The quip that Barry makes happens during a pivotal moment in the film when Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) are trying to figure out a way to launch an attack on Steppenwolf. And when Barry makes his joke, savvy fans of the series likely realized exactly what reference was being made.

For The Flash, the power of love is an unstoppable force, and the perfect source for speed fuel

During the aforementioned scene, Aquaman asks if Cyborg has the capability to execute their plan. In response to this question, Barry jokingly says that he'll support Cyborg's attack by using "the power of love." The joke doesn't land very well with the duo, but Barry clarifies his statement, saying that he will be using his own power to boost Cyborg's.

Turns out that in another universe, Barry (Grant Gustin) does actually use the power of love to save the world. This is the plotline of the sixth season of The Flash series in which Barry has to find a way to return to his own universe. There's a risky method involving an Artificial Speed Force machine, which would give Barry the boost he needs to get back home, but the consequences of using such power would strip him of any emotions.

Thankfully, this conundrum is resolved when Barry learns that he can instead use the actual power of love between him and Iris West (Candice Patton) as a source to create the Speed Force he needs to return. It's through this method that Barry is able to get back to his own universe and prevent another catastrophe. While this isn't explained very thoroughly, it's still an interesting way in which the series and the DCEU as a whole approached the theme. Perhaps if Aquaman and Cyborg had let the new version of Barry utilize the power of love, the film would've had a different outcome.