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Why People Are Demanding To See The 'NC-17 Cut' Of Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams was one of the funniest actors of the last generation, if not of all time.

He injected almost every one of his roles with his signature brand of comedy. One of Williams' arguably most iconic performances was Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire. The movie is hilarious and fun for the whole family. However, a new trend has hit the internet, and fans are clamoring for a decidedly mature cut of the film. But, they don't want your standard R-rated kind of mature; they're talking about an NC-17 cut of Mrs. Doubtfire.

You might wonder how such an alternate take is possible. Mrs. Doubtfire came out in 1993. Unlike the Justice League Snyder Cut, Mrs. Doubtfire's actors have aged quite a bit (and in William's case, unfortunately, passed away), so you can't exactly call them in for reshoots. But, in an ironic twist, Mrs. Doubtfire shares a hidden secret with the Snyder Cut that could potentially let filmmakers transform the kid-friendly Williams comedy into an NSFW romp-fest, which is why interest in an NC-17 Mrs. Doubtfire exists to begin with.

Robin Williams told enough dirty jokes to make a new movie

The key ingredient to any successful comedic Robin Williams performance was improv. Filmmakers gave Williams scripts with lines to read, but as long as he was given free rein to interpret them (and inject his own lines), he usually delivered gut-splittingly hilarious performances. He was allowed to cut loose in Aladdin, and filmmakers could create an alternate cut of the film full of rejected voice lines, impressions, and outtakes. The same is true for Mrs. Doubtfire.

Recently, the Film Facts Twitter account dropped the bomb that Williams improvised a lot while filming Mrs. Doubtfire. Perhaps too much since according to the tweet, editors could easily stitch together PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 renditions with the abandoned material. This isn't hyperbole, mind you. In an interview with People Magazine, Mara Wilson (Natalie Hillard) confirmed that Williams let loose a ton of NSFW improv on set, enough to create an R-rated film at the very least. Admittedly, she never witnessed it since she was 5 years old while filming, but she heard about it. On the other hand, the movie's director, Chris Columbus, was there for all of Williams' raunchiness, as recorded in the biography Robin Williams, American Master: The Movies and Art of a Lost Genius.

Even though Wilson confirmed Williams' unrestrained Mrs. Doubtfire improv in 2016, most audiences didn't learn about the cut jokes until Film Facts tweeted about them. The thread has accrued thousands of likes and responses without any sign of slowing. One commenter, Kendall Brown, stated she would "donate [her] entire [stimulus check] to get them to release the NC-17 cut of Mrs. Doubtfire." Judging by the overwhelming response, she isn't alone.