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The Lois Lane Scene That Has Snyder Cut Fans Buzzing

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Contains spoilers for Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League debuted on HBO Max with a lot of new content in its four-hour run, and it's almost impossible to notice every single difference between it and the 2017 version. There were plenty of moments from the original film that were cut out — everything with the Russian family, for example, as well as Superman (Henry Cavill) and The Flash's (Ezra Miller) speed race. However, these were offset by dozens of new scenes. These included Jared Leto's return as the Joker in an alternate timeline, the appearance of Darkseid in general, Cyborg's back story, Barry Allen's damsel-in-distress savior moment, and so many others.

While many of these new scenes were exciting for fans to see and expanded on everything they knew, there was one scene in particular that really had fans buzzing online. It contained one person, had no dialogue, and lasted just over one minute. We're talking, of course, about the Lois Lane apartment scene — the one that's left fans with a lot of questions.

Lois Lane could potentially be pregnant

Just after the Justice League — sans Superman — arrives on the Kryptonian trip in an effort to revive Kal-El, the camera cuts to the outside of Lois Lane's (Amy Adams) apartment, where she's seen laying in bed. The camera zooms in through her window, and it's obvious she is still in emotional hell. She sits up, glances at a photo of herself with Clark Kent, and opens her nightstand drawer. She grabs her Daily Planet ID card, which lays on top of a pregnancy test box.

Lois stares at the unused test and eventually picks it up before heading into her bathroom. The scene ends without a reveal of the result.

Unsurprisingly, fans freaked out on Twitter and shared their thoughts with the rest of the ZSJL viewers who were in the same boat. One viewer was in total disbelief, tweeting "DID Y'ALL SEE THE PREGNANCY TEST IN LOIS' DRAWER I WAS SCREAMING INTERNALLY." Pure shock seemed to be the emotion shared by all, as another Twitter user wrote "WAIT WAIT LOIS IS PREGNANT??? JON LANE KENT WILL BE EXISTING???" Jon Lane Kent is the son of Lois and Clark in the comics, but some fans think that might not be the baby Lois could be carrying.

Fans connected the pregnancy test to Zack Snyder's alleged Justice League trilogy storyboard leak

In case you missed it, earlier this month the alleged storyboards for Zack Snyder's original Justice League trilogy were leaked, and they had some shocking storylines depicted on them, according to CBR. The storyboards were tweeted out and subsequently deleted, but the damage had already been done. The boards showed Lois Lane carrying Bruce Wayne's (Ben Affleck) baby, but she denied the child's true parentage. Bruce eventually finds out due to The Flash from the future traveling back in time to tell him. The Caped Crusader eventually dies in a battle with Darkseid, and Clark Kent helps Lois raise her and Bruce's baby son.

In February, Snyder told Vanity Fair that his original Justice League trilogy plan saw a Bruce and Lois romance, suggesting the storyboards might not be fiction after all. All of this put together has affected how people are responding to the Lois pregnancy test scene in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

"Lois Lane was pregnant with BATMAN'S BABY??? What????" one user tweeted out in surprise. Some viewers were not so happy with where the pregnancy test might have been leading, however. "I'm okay with almost everything Snyder's doing just to see where it goes and actually invested to restore the Snyderverse. However, the Bruce x Lois romance is something I can't get behind no matter how much I want to," another Twitter user wrote.

It should be noted that just because Lois takes a pregnancy test in ZSJL does not suggest all the Batman-baby hype should be taken seriously, and the moment needs to be taken for what it is. The reporter MIGHT be pregnant, and we will probably see nothing come of it since there is no plan for a ZSJL 2 — for now.

Some fans think there was a confirmation of the pregnancy test results

While we didn't see the results of the pregnancy test, some fans are suggesting on Twitter that there was confirmation. At the film's end, we see Lois Lane, Martha Clark, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent on the Kent family farm, helping Martha move her belongings back in. It's revealed that Bruce got the farm back by buying the bank that owned it, and receives thanks from Clark.

As the two men walk toward the house, Bruce congratulates Clark. This could be congratulations for the pair's engagement, as Lois has been wearing the engagement ring Clark was going to give her before he died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Clark also says "I'll take that as a yes" after he is resurrected when looking at Lois wearing the ring. But is that really what Bruce is congratulating?

Closer inspection on the scene reveals Lois carrying a small baby basket into the house. These two facts put together was a no-brainer for some viewers.

"The hints are there, we see the test, Bruce congratulates Clark and in the background of the 'I bought the bank scene' Lois is carrying a crib where in Josstice League she's just carrying a box," one fan tweeted. "Lois is also carrying a baby basket when she is entering the house with Martha at the end," another wrote.

Whether Lois is pregnant or not, fans will always be left to wonder what could have been if Snyder's original Justice League plan was able to fully play out.