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The Trailer Park Boys Character That Fans Love To Hate

In Sunnyvale trailer park, almost anything goes. From impromptu weed farms to miraculously nonlethal shootouts, criminal activity abounds — and that's especially so if you're following the tumultuous lives of Trailer Park Boy's three musketeers: Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian. There is no separating these three co-dependent, helpless goons from banding together for a money-making scheme that will, from their negligent perspective, ensure their retirement. Unfortunately, their plans rarely lead to easy street, instead landing them in jail for months on end. But it doesn't matter how many times they find themselves behind bars: The dream never dies for the boys! 

Naturally, the trio have, over the years, earned the contempt of many people for their reckless behavior. That includes former Sunnyvale owner Barbara Lahey (a.k.a. "Barb"), who gets thrown into jail during a stint to steal weed from the boys' illegal caravan of drugs. Although not directly the boys' fault, Barb aims her anger toward Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian once she is released and brings with her a posse to enact a vengeful plan. Although, to the dismay of many Trailer Park Boys fans, Candy, one of the thugs that Barb recruits, became one of the series' most disliked characters. Here's why Candy is a Trailer Park Boys character that fans love to hate.

Candy is the worst character to ever enter Sunnyvale

In the same vein as South Park and It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaTrailer Park Boys' wildly lewd humor, nonsensical nature, and surprisingly wholesome moments has earned unwavering loyalty from fans well beyond its Nova Scotia borders. The show's dedicated subreddit, r/trailerparkboys, is a testament to its popularity, boasting over 190,000 rowdy members. Due to the show's hilariously shameless attitude and downright ridiculous plot points and characters, the subreddit's threads are brimming with quite a few interesting opinions and theories. Just like Ricky, who lacks a filter, these redditors can be vicious — and one of their favorite targets is Candy, who has been dubbed the worst character to ever enter the hallowed ground of Sunnyvale. 

A thread channeling the potty mouth of Trailer Park Boys called "F****ng most hated character ever in tpb ever, f*** Candy!" was filled with criticism. One redditor wrote that "she was just so cheesy and ruined [every] scene she was in." Another found that the "biggest issue with her was that there was no payoff. I'm fine with irredeemable characters but we needed to see Candy get her s**t pushed in or shot or torn down psychologically or something. But her and Barb's 'gang' just kinda....got away with it all." With over 2,200 upvotes and 207 comments dragging Candy through the mud, it's the clear that the hate is real.