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The Danny Phantom Villains That You Might Have Forgotten About

Throughout the 2000s, few names were as synonymous with successful cartoons as Butch Hartman. On top of creating one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows, The Fairly Oddparents, Hartman was responsible for two other popular programs, Tuff Puppy and Danny Phantom. Both of these shows were successful in their own right, with multiple seasons under their belts before their respective cancellations, but between the two, Danny Phantom would establish the most unique identity.

Unlike The Fairly Oddparents and Tuff Puppy, which were aimed primarily at younger children and included much more lighthearted absurdity, Danny Phantom was a hair more mature. It followed Danny Fenton, a young high schooler who gains ghost-like superpowers after an accident involving his parent's ghost-hunting equipment. It differentiated itself from Hartman's other creations by telling stories from the perspective of a teenager and including more action in its stories. The show also included more running plot threads between episodes. 

This meant that by the end of the series, Danny Fenton had amassed himself a complete rogue's gallery of villains that all had at least a few bones to pick with the teenager. Villains like Vlad Plasmius and Skulker would establish comfy spots for themselves at the top of Danny's archnemesis list. However, there were more villains than just Vlad over the course of Danny Phantom's three seasons. In fact, you might not remember every one of them.


Out of all of Danny's villains, few are as pathetic as Klemper. Bless his heart, Klemper is just a lonely, pajama-wearing ghost that badly wants a friend. It's too bad that he is completely insufferable. Everyone from Danny to Vlad and even the Ghost Zone's resident embarrassment, The Box Ghost, have all rejected Klemper time after time.

Don't let that fool you, however. Klemper may be an outcast, but he is no pushover. While he is similar to The Box Ghost in that he is usually played for jokes, Klemper actually has a useful ghost power. He possesses full control over ice and cold, allowing him to freeze opponents or chuck balls of ice at them. While this still isn't enough to make Klemper one of Danny's more dangerous foes, it is an impressive enough ability that Danny eventually gets his own version. Being copied counts for something, at least.


You'd think that as a supernatural superhero, Danny would actually get some respect for ghostly law enforcement. Unfortunately, that's not the case. The fact that the Ghost Zone even has a prison indicates that there's some sort of justice system in the afterlife. The fact that it's run by Walker, a warden ghost that repeatedly antagonizes Danny, indicates that it might not be a very good one.

Despite being a ghost of the law, Walker has no problems (assumedly) breaking it for his own gain. After his first encounter with Danny, Walker deliberately breaks out of the Ghost Zone as payback on the teenager. Usually breaking out of the Ghost Zone and antagonizing the living is enough to get you locked up in Walker's ghost jail, but supposedly being the warden has its advantages. Who knew that some cops could be just as dirty in death as they are in life?


It's rare that viewers got to learn anything about Danny Phantom's ghosts before they kicked the bucket (assuming every ghost was alive at some point). One of the few exceptions to that rule is Desiree, the female ghost genie. Once the mistress of a rich and powerful sultan, Desiree was eventually expelled from the sultan's good favors by his envious wife. She never recovered from the traumatic event and would later die of heartbreak.

At some point after dying, Desiree's spirit ended up stuck in a genie's bottle. She does as genies often do, granting people's wishes with an ironically bitter twist, until Danny puts a stop to her schemes. It's a shame, however, given that her backstory is so tragic and her ghost powers so potent. Theoretically, Desiree's wish-granting powers are capable of anything. Had she not been evil, she actually could have helped a lot of people using her powers.