Everything You Need To Remember Before Watching Stargirl Season 2

The CW's Stargirl, which wrapped up its first season in August 2020, features DC Comics hero Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), who discovers a Cosmic Staff that belonged to the hero Starman and becomes the costumed crusader Stargirl. The show's initial 13-episode run may have been too short for fans, many of whom are undoubtedly anticipating Season 2 and what it might bring.

According to Screen Rant, the show's second season is slated for release sometime this summer. Although some details are yet to be revealed, there have been some teasers announced recently, including the full reveal of one of the expected antagonists of the series, Eclipso. Eclipso was initially teased in the season finale episode "Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E.," though you could be forgiven for forgetting that detail and many others from the first season. There was a lot crammed into it — especially towards the end.

With that, it might be time for a refresher. Here's everything you need to remember before watching Stargirl Season 2, including what happened in Stargirl Season 1 and how it all ties together.

Courtney becomes Stargirl and reforms the JSA

The central plot point of Stargirl Season 1 deals with the heroic Justice Society of America (JSA) and its evil nemesis, the Injustice Society Of America (ISA). The series opens with a flashback where the JSA headquarters is attacked by the ISA, and the heroes Starman (Joel McHale) and the original versions of Wildcat (Brian Stapf), Doctor Mid-Nite (Henry Thomas), and Hourman (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) are defeated. Pat Dugan, the sidekick to Starman, finds his fallen comrade, who tells him to take his Cosmic Staff and one day find a worthy successor and rebuild the JSA.

Ten years later, that worthy successor turns out to be Dugan's stepdaughter, Courtney, who stumbles upon the Cosmic Staff accidentally in their home basement. Despite initially being against his stepdaughter taking the Cosmic Staff and trying to become a superhero, Dugan has little choice, as the two have to suddenly deal with ISA member Brainwave.

After temporarily dealing with the villain together, the season largely focuses on Stargirl finding and recruiting new members to form a JSA to take on the ISA. The new team includes popular girl ousted via scandal, Yolanda "Wildcat" Montez (Yvette Montreal), revenge-seeker Rick "Hourman" Tyler (Cameron Gellman), and social outcast Beth "Doctor Mid-Nite" Chapel (Anjelika Washington). The new heroes are tasked to deal with their personal issues, learn to train and function as a team, and rise to the legacy established by the old JSA. This is all in addition to the new heroes having to deal with the presence of the ISA.

Season 1 has unfinished business that will definitely tie into Season 2

In the season one finale "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.S," the young heroes manage to defeat the ISA with many of its members killed in some way. The villainess Shiv actually kills her father the Dragon King, and Icicle is run over by Courtney's brother in an SUV. But Wildcat outright murders Brainwave as revenge for her boyfriend and Brainwave's actual son, Henry Jr.

According to an interview in Entertainment Weekly from Stargirl's Brec Bassinger, Wildcat's murder of Brainwave could put Stargirl in direct conflict with her teammate in the upcoming season. Secondly, Starman is allegedly alive. A man claiming to be Sylvester Pemberton, the original Starman, appears in the season finale searching for Pat. Third, there could be a new heroic team introduced, as the Blue Valley High School Janitor Justin who revealed himself to be the hero Shining Knight and leaves on a quest to reform a team called the Seven Soldiers of Victory. And finally, while much of the ISA was killed, Solomon Grundy and Shiv are still on the loose.

What's even more dangerous about that is, thanks to Shiv, Season 2 will see the full appearance of the revealed antagonist Eclipso, who via SyFy is a magical powerful being known as "God's Wrath." It has also been reported by SyFy that Eclipso will be portrayed by Nick Tarrabay, who Arrow fans will remember as Captain Boomerang.