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Blood And Treasure Season 2 - What We Know So Far

It's been almost two years since fans have seen the last of 12 episodes of CBS's action-adventure drama Blood and Treasure, which ran from May to August 2019. The show teams up an antiquities expert and an art thief to catch a terrorist who uses stolen treasures to fund his attacks. The globe-trotting series with the Indiana Jones-style vibe was filmed in the U.S., Canada, Morocco, and Italy over 150 days, with three international cities substituting for parts of Europe, Cuba, Africa, and the Caribbean (via the Las Vegas Review-Journal). This makes it an especially difficult show to shoot during a global pandemic

Of course, people still want to know how the main characters' adventures continue, even though the series (fortunately for waiting fans) managed to tie up a lot of storyline loose ends in 12 episodes — and provide some exciting twists and turns in the process. In fact, that's exactly why viewers want more: to make sure the thrill ride continues. However, while a second season is definitely coming, there's no news on when that will happen. Here's what we know so far about the sophomore season of Blood and Treasure.

When is the release date of Blood and Treasure season 2?

The network announced in June 2019, halfway through its first season run, that Blood and Treasure was coming back after making steady but not spectacular inroads in the ratings.

Reports on the start of production for the second season differed, although it was clear the actors were filming in fall 2019. One report from Daytime Confidential had filming beginning in November 2019, while actor Matt Barr's Instagram placed him on set in October 2019. The second season was presumed ready for a summer 2020 or unscheduled backup COVID-19 release, with CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl saying, "We're keeping our options open." Deadline noted that Blood and Treasure remains one of those options.

Then, in May 2020, executive producer Matthew Federman responded to a fan on Twitter asking about the show's status by posting, "We'll get back to shooting and finish the season when it's deemed safe. No air date yet." He basically confirmed that the second season wasn't completed.

In any case, pandemic delays reportedly pushed the series into fall 2020. Now, it's 2021 and viewers still haven't seen hide nor hair of the next chapter of the show. But, now that we're into the year, many expect the series to show up sometime soon. Perhaps, as it was a summer series in 2019, it'll come back during the same time period. However, no announcement has been made and the show's Twitter page hasn't been regularly active since the first season finale. So, fans are playing a waiting game in the meantime. 

Who's in the cast of Blood and Treasure season 2?

Most of the main cast of the first season is expected back for Season 2. The first season of the show stars Matt Barr as Danny McNamara, a former FBI agent who's now a lawyer specializing in repatriating stolen art. Sofia Pernas plays Lexi Vaziri, the art thief who partners with Danny. James Callis plays Simon Hardwick, a smuggler rescued by Danny. Katia Winter plays Interpol agent Gwen Karlsson, Michael James Shaw plays arms dealer Aiden Shaw, Oded Fehr plays the Egyptian terrorist Karim Farouk, Alicia Coppola is Danny's mentor and Cleopatra expert Dr. Ana Castillo, and Mark Gagliardi plays Father Chuck, an old friend of Danny's.

In the second season, Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) was tapped for a recurring role (via Deadline). She plays Sister Lisa, a Roman nun "with a sly sense of humor" who is friends with Father Chuck. Apparently, the priest counts on Sister Lisa as a source of information. Other than that, it's unclear if some of the actors who played the season's villains, as revealed during the course of the series, will return. 

Is there a trailer for Blood and Treasure season 2?

To date, there's no trailer for the second season. There's no word regarding whether Season 2 has been finished, either, although many shows have now gone back to production — with appropriate safeguards and alterations. However, the international nature of the series may have made it more difficult for Blood and Treasure to complete the season, thanks to travel restrictions still in place in many countries. While many nations worldwide are opening back up to American travelers, rules currently in place may still make filming and bringing in personnel difficult. And this show is a big production. According to Watch! Magazine, during one day in Morocco, 528 people were on the call sheet, which may be an untenable amount these days.

With the second season's status unknown and possibly incomplete, it's not likely a trailer will come until CBS can announce a release date. Hopefully, that will be soon — two years is a long time to wait for more Blood and Treasure. In the meantime, fans can catch the first season of the show on the Paramount+ streaming service, which will have to tide them over until more news comes.