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Jarrod Schulz's Most Bizarre Storage Wars Find Ever

Jarrod Schulz learned the importance of making snap judgments during his 12 seasons on Storage Wars. Sometimes it led to fortune, but other times it brought truly bizarre results.

The fan favorite on the popular A&E reality show once said that he needed to take in just a few clues to determine whether an abandoned storage locker was filled with treasures or trash. "You have to judge on the ten percent you can see," Schulz said in an interview with IOL. "If you see a microwave, you have to decide if it's high-end or low-end. If it is low-end, everything else in the unit is probably the same."

Schulz stood out among the colorful cast of treasure hunters featured on the show for having particularly good judgment, often trusting his instincts to find hidden gems and turn a nice profit. But some of his most popular moments came from the truly offbeat and unexpected treasures, including the most bizarre item he ever found on Storage Wars.

Jarrod Schulz found some strange stuff during his time on Storage Wars

Of the dozens of storage units that Schulz snagged during his time on Storage Wars, it was the weird finds that got the most attention from fans. One of those came during season 6, when Schulz and then-wife Brandi Passante purchased a unit strewn with tools and children's toys. Digging a little deeper, they found a horde of My Little Pony memorabilia including a giant pink plushie. Altogether, the collection was worth close to $1,000 — not bad for a $50 investment, as Schulz pointed out.

Schulz detailed another more tragic find during a 2017 interview with The Mystery Men Show podcast. The couple had purchased a locker and found five wooden boxes, all locked. Inside they discovered some kind of powder stored in Ziploc bags. "I'm thinking cocaine off the bat," Schulz recalled.

This time, his instinct was not correct. Digging a little deeper, Passante found a dog tag on one of the boxes. They soon realized that the powdery substance was actually the cremated remains of the owner's former dogs.

Jarrod's most bizarre find

One strange find tops everything else in Schulz and Passante's Storage Wars history. Back in the first season, the couple snagged a storage unit for $250 hoping to score big with an odd piece of art — a gold leaf horse head sculpture. As fans may recall, Schulz was skeptical at first and suspected the art was worthless, even mocking Passante for thinking that it could be worth anything more than the scrap they could sell. "I don't know what Brandi is seeing in this unit," he said, adding that he was sure it was worth nothing.

A trip to the appraiser proved that his good judgement was a bit miscalibrated this time — the sculpture was worth close to $3,000, allowing them to turn a massive profit on the small investment. The moment remained a favorite of fans, both for the unexpected treasure and the rare moment of humility from Schulz.

"So I was wrong one time," he said.