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Why The Walking Dead Fans Are Loving The Latest Episode Of Season 10C

Prior to the onset of a global pandemic, The Walking Dead's 11th and final season was scheduled to debut in October 2020. Then, a few months after the pandemic became widespread in the United States, the series' producers announced that season 11 was delayed until October of the following year. The Walking Dead, however, did ultimately return in February 2021, albeit for a continuation of its 10th season rather than the planned Season 11.

This batch of new episodes is intentionally smaller in scope and focused on character-driven stories in order for filming to readily accommodate adequate pandemic safety protocols. Thus, season 10C, as it's become known, both looks and feels different from most prior episodes. That said, the series hasn't necessarily dipped in quality despite scaling back in scope for a series of episodes never planned for inclusion until less than a year prior. Its latest episode, in fact, was widely praised on Reddit, after airing in Early Access for subscribers to AMC's proprietary streaming app, as among the best in recent memory.

There's a lot to love about "One More"

In the third episode of The Walking Dead's season 10C, titled "One More," former priest Gabriel Stokes and Aaron, who has a deadly weapon for a hand, scavenge for supplies amid the ruins of homes and other remnants of civilization wrecked by the zombie outbreak. The two soon find a warehouse not included on a map of the area they possess, and Gabriel ultimately ends up in a game of Russian roulette against a rogue survivor, with Aaron's life at stake on top of his own.

"I gotta say, I liked this episode a lot more than the other two," wrote Reddit user GlowWorm23113, who went on to praise the dynamic between Gabriel and Aaron as well as the juxtaposition of comedy and drama. User userachel agreed, writing, "I love the humour mixed with the deep debates and thriller."

The climactic Russian roulette game in particular was a favorite of many Reddit users. "Honestly, I've never felt as intense watching an episode as I did with this. The roulette scene alone was terrifying," wrote user leonmasteries. "That Russian roulette scene was the most intense TWD has been since the pikes imo," said user OrangeBackpack312.

Finally, some users described certain filmmaking elements as particularly noteworthy in The Walking Dead's latest outing. User simplymatt1995 asked, "Does anyone know who the screenwriter was? Because the writing was absolutely superb. Some of the best written dialogue and character dynamics I've come across on the show in recent years," while user Kikokens simply noted that "everyone did a great job on the acting side and it was beautifully shot."

The Walking Dead season 10C is scheduled to air for 10 episodes in total and will conclude in April 2021.