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What Reddit's Horror Fans Would Do In A Dawn Of The Dead Situation

When there's a need for a movie discussion, you can usually find your tribe on Reddit. For example, Reddit users recently brought back a classic zombie movie for discussion in 2004's Dawn of the Dead. Why this particular film and why now? Director Zack Snyder has been the talk of the town leading up to the release of the Justice League "Snyder Cut," so maybe that had something to do with it.

Regardless, talk about Dawn of the Dead — which starred Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, and Mehki Phifer — revolved around how Redditors would survive in a similar zombie apocalypse. Would they find a group to work with? Would they prefer the lone wolf approach? After a period of voting, it became clear which strategy more Reddit users would opt for. You might be surprised by what the majority of them chose.

More Redditors would go it alone

Reddit user u/hojo6789 offered a number of choices in the poll, and it's surprising to see which ones were picked the most. Many, it seems, would elect to "Lead the group with courage and goodness." But the option that actually received the most votes was the one that represented those who "can't stand the group" and "would rather be alone."

It's interesting to see how different the top votes are, but there's really no telling what anyone would do in this situation. Some source of justification was made below the votes. One user admitted they would "just throw everyone else in front of the zombies and runaway with all the food." Another stated they wouldn't like to be leader but would "prefer to be second-in-command."

The best answer, however, came from Reddit user Blue_h_g_Smith. They just want to raid a candy store, fall into a sugar coma, and get taken out by mall zombies. That's certainly one way to go.