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The Surprising Naruto Ninja Who Surpasses The Tailed Beasts' Strength

With anime increasing in popularity outside of Japan, many new fans might start binging one of the classics: Naruto. The world of Naruto is filled with first-class ninjas like Kakashi and Sasuke, who are seen as some of the strongest in the series. As prodigal talents hailing from the Hidden Leaf Village, their high-level abilities grant them the ability to fight outrageously powerful foes, like the tailed beasts, on even footing.

Created by the legendary Sage of Six Paths, the tailed beasts are the product of Ten-Tails being split up into nine living entities. Instead of protecting these divine creatures as the Sage of Six Paths intended, humanity exploited his creations to satiate their greed and hunger for dominance. Wrangling such beasts was no easy task, though, and remained difficult even for Naruto who held the power of the Nine-Tails within him.

Within the Naruto universe, only a select few people can take down tailed beasts, especially by themselves. One of those incredible fighters includes the Hidden Leaf Village's "Noble Green Beast," Might Guy, a master of Taijutsu whose strength surpasses that of the tailed beasts — but not without a great cost.

Might Guy's journey to becoming a ninja wasn't easy

Within the logic of the Naruto universe, Might Guy should have never had a chance at becoming a ninja. Just like his father Might Duy, Guy lacked both ninjustu and genjustu, two prerequisites to becoming a successful ninja warrior. With that being said, the relentless optimism and willpower that Duy instills in Guy helps him vastly improve his taijustu (hand-to-hand combat) to the point where he's able to pass Konoha's Ninja Academy.

Assigned to a team after graduating, Guy participates as a ninja during the Third Shinobi World War. But while on a mission, he and his team unfortunately run into an opponent they are no match for: the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. In a turn of fate, Might Duy rescues Guy by using his trump card move, Eight Gates Release Formation, sacrificing himself in the process. Duy, passing on this technique to Guy months before his demise, told him to never use this power unless it satisfies this noble rule: to protect something precious.

The battle between Guy and Madara is one of the most epic in Naruto

Guy, through years of training, has a mastery over the Eight Gates. This handle over such an unwieldy technique grants Guy the ability to open up the first seven gates at a moment's notice. As he opens up each gate, Guy's physical and mental attributes are amplified to the umpteenth degree, granting him superhuman strength, speed, and chakra levels beyond most of his comrades. 

There is a trade-off though: a huge toll is placed open the body after opening up the gates, resulting in intolerable levels of pain and fatigue. This makes it all the more incredible that Might Guy was able to almost defeat Madara Uchiha, one of the strongest characters and villains in Naruto.

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Madara acquires the Rinnegan and Ten-Tails, making him exponentially more powerful than a single-tailed beast. When all hope seems lost against Madara, Might Guy has unleashes a countermove inspired by his father's sacrifice: Night Guy, a forbidden taijustu technique that opens up the eighth gate and depletes the life source of the user in exchange for god-like speed and strength.

Prepared to die, Might Guy puts on Madara Uchiha the ropes with shock-waves of air generated by his Herculean punches and kicks, nearly killing Madara in his Six Paths state — a testimony to his power. Although he faints before he can finish his opponent off, the time he buys Naruto helps save the world from Madara's evil plan, solidifying Guy as one of the most heroic (and epic) characters to ever appear in Naruto.