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The Only Non-Sannin Ninja In Naruto To Ever Complete Over 1,000 Missions

There is no shortage of legendary ninja in the Naruto universe. It's kind of what the whole show is about. That being said, there are three very important ninja who have earned a unique reputation for themselves. They are called the Sannin, and they became notorious as some of the world's most powerful fighters before they even reached 18. These three ninja — Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru — were all insanely skilled prodigies that made significant impacts on major wars during their time.

Two of the Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade, were contenders for the title of Hokage. This would make them the military and political leaders of the entire village. Only Tsunade accepted the honor, but Jiraiya would continue to serve the village's best interests until his death. He completed over 1,800 missions, more than any ninja in Naruto history. In fact, the Sannin have all completed over 1,000 missions. It's an accomplishment that no other ninja can match, except for one.

Kakashi Hatake is the only ninja who can stack up

According to CBR, the only ninja to complete over 1,000 missions aside from the legendary Sannin is none other than Team 7's leader, Kakashi Hatake. This should come as no surprise to many Naruto fans. With 1,141 missions, Kakashi is perhaps the most notorious ninja in the Leaf Village other than the Sannin and the Hokage.

It's no surprise that Kakashi would be so active, either. Even though there are some other Jonin that could tango with him (e.g., Might Guy), Kakashi is generally a much more versatile ninja than the rest of his comrades. Aside from the numerous jutsu he learned himself (chidori, summoning, shadow clone, etc.), Kakashi is one of the few people outside the Uchiha Clan who can use the Sharingan. This special ability allows one's eyes to follow and replicate almost any technique they witness. It practically ensures that no matter what the situation, Kakashi can adapt before anyone else can react. It is probably that this, and his numerous other abilities, allowed him to complete missions more efficiently than most Leaf Village shinobi.