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What Could Keep Colby Away From Teeter On Yellowstone

On a show full of unorthodox relationships, it's certainly one of the strangest.

For much of Yellowstone's third season, the flirtation between veteran ranch hand Colby (Denim Richards) and heavily accented newcomer Teeter (Jennifer Landon) is one-sided, with her pursuing him during their time together on the Duttons' Yellowstone Ranch through a combination of light teasing and heavy sexual harassment designed to make him uncomfortable in front of the others. Just when it seems like the pair might be getting somewhere — after Teeter demands Colby join her for skinny dipping — the pair are found and attacked by Dutton family enemy Wade Morrow (Boots Southerland) and his son Clint (Brent Walker), who try to trample them under the hooves of their horses (and maybe even send the pair hurtling through time). 

The pair survive the attack, though Teeter's wounds are bad enough that Colby has to staple her face back together. But this bit of first aid, as gruesome as it may be, also leads to the pair sharing their first kiss, seemingly setting them up to become something more. 

But life and love can be rough in this part of Montana –– see "Colby has to staple her face back together" –– and few of the show's myriad relationships remain static for very long. Though the shared kiss certainly seems to be a harbinger of a potential relationship, Richards told Pop Culture that few things are ever guaranteed in the Yellowstone bunkhouse.

Why the actor who plays Colby thinks it's better if he doesn't grow attached

"The bunkhouse is so crazy all the time," Richards said. "Who knows, somebody else can come into the bunkhouse and then boom, she jumps ship."

Richards said in the interview that he isn't even certain the kiss was romantic from Colby's end, that it felt more protective, if still sweet and caring, at the time. He played coy when asked about potential romances in the fourth season of the show, but he doesn't necessarily think that growing closer to Teeter, or to anyone, is a good idea for the ordinarily reserved Colby. "Colby has had multiple seasons to not get too attached to people. So, I think it's better for him to not do that," Richards said.

Given the high rate of turnover in the bunkhouse — the work is hard, and the life expectancy of a Yellowstone Ranch employee has got to be lower than average — there's a certain wisdom to this. But if the kiss wasn't the start of something new for Colby and Teeter, then what will it end up meaning for the pair? And what will it take for the two to turn away from each other after their shared trauma? 

Audiences can find out when Yellowstone's fourth season airs on the Paramount Network. It's expected to premiere sometime this summer.