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The Rick And Morty Scene That Supports The Genocider Theory

First, we present the Genocider theory, a Rick and Morty fan hypothesis. It all starts with Rick & Morty vs Genocider, the nine-minute animated short released in 2020. Or, fittingly, maybe it all starts way earlier than that.

Basically, the theory goes like this: There is no Rick and Morty, there's just Rick, or if you'd prefer, Morty. The two characters are a continuation of one another, trapped in an infinite causality loop. Morty is a young Rick, Rick is an old Morty, which explains both the loathing that the characters have for one another and the fact that they just can't seem to split up on a permanent basis. If you can keep yourself from going cross-eyed and passing out through Rick and Morty vs Genocider's bonkers plot, you'll see the theory brought to life: Rick, faced with insurmountable odds when pitted against the destructive Genocider, gives Morty a serum designed to grant him "Rip van Winkle powers," more widely known as "a coma," before calling his grandson "Rick Sanchez" and laughing. Years later, an elderly Morty receives a phone call stating that his daughter has given birth to a son named Morty. Morty the Elder drinks a concoction loaded with Rick's memories, and the cycle of science fiction weirdness continues.

Funky? Certainly, and it's not an easy story to pin down canon-wise, but some fans think they've spotted a clue hidden in the series proper that backs up the Genocider theory.

Rick and Morty and redheads and fan theories

It's a running theme in Rick and Morty, but worth pointing out: There's no polite way to talk about this.

In the episode "Autoerotic Assimilation," Rick Sanchez hooks up with an old flame named Unity. Unity is a parasitic hive mind with the ability to assimilate entire planets, and that's exactly what she's done when Rick rekindles their romance. In the throes of passion, Sanchez relays his dream date: "We need a hang glider," he says, "and a crotchless Uncle Sam costume. And I want the entire field of your largest stadium covered end to end with naked redheads! And I want the stands packed with every man that remotely resembles my father!"

And from that, some fans think they have gleaned the necessary detail to bring the Genocider theory from head canon into full-fledged regular canon. It all comes down to Morty, you see, and his love of Jessica, the redhead from his class. Jessica is a redhead. Rick likes redheads. Morty likes Jessica. Ergo, Rick is Morty. Now, is it possible that Rick and Morty's shared type is another in an achingly long list of breadcrumbs that lead to the duo's ultimate fate, linked forever in a story train stuck on a looping track? Yes. Is it equally possible that series showrunner Dan Harmon has a thing for redheads and he brings it up a lot? Also yes.