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Wonder Woman Grabs 'God Killer' Sword In New Photo

Wonder Woman doesn't have quite as many cool gadgets as Batman, but she does have an invisible jet. And although there's no sign of her classic vehicle in the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie (maybe we just can't see it), Gal Gadot will definitely wield a well-known DC Comics weapon.

Entertainment Weekly has a photo of Gadot from a pivotal scene in the movie, and it reveals that Diana Prince will pick up the "god killer," a mythical Amazonian sword, before she heads to Europe to help save humanity.

According to director Patty Jenkins, it's a pretty big deal in the movie. Diana disobeys her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and breaks into the heavily guarded armory on the all-female island of Themyscira to steal the weapon.

"This is her moment," Jenkins said. "She's heard all the terrible things about man's land. But she's also heard that mankind is in need and under duress. This is her great moment to make the decision to be the one to try and save them."In the comics, the god killer sword was forged by the deity Hephaestus and it's primarily known for its capacity to slay immortals. It also has its own consciousness to an extent, and can alter its physical form to serve different purposes. If it's shattered, it can remake itself. In one storyline, Zeus carries it into battle during a war between Olympian and Japanese gods. In another, it's offered to Deathstroke.

We'll probably have to wait to see if any of those powers come into play in Wonder Woman, or if it's just a really awesome sword. The movie hits theaters June 2, 2017.