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Every Batman Movie You Can Watch On Netflix

Every once in a while, you get a craving that you simply can't control: You absolutely, positively need to watch a number of Batman movies. This is only natural and happens to everyone from time to time. There's only one way to itch that particular scratch, and it is to give in. However, the Dark Knight has been in tons of films, and deciding which ones to include in your trip to Gotham City can be surprisingly tricky. 

If you feel like having a Batman movie marathon right now and don't have the time or inclination to track down a bunch of bat-movies from different sources, Netflix is your friend. The streaming service carries a nice variety of Batman films, and they're different enough that you won't get bat-bored. In fact, you'll be able to enjoy a whole bunch of different takes on the Caped Crusader and his rogues gallery, from Academy Award-winning efforts to delightfully goofy animated creations. Here's every Batman movie you can binge-watch on Netflix right now. 

From Christopher Nolan's seminal works to Lego-themed hilarity

There are currently four Batman films on Netflix, which is scientifically the optimal number for a proper movie marathon, especially if one of them is on the shorter side ... which, happily enough, happens to be the case. The two live-action Batman movies in the streaming service's catalog are Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which gives you a nice sense of continuity and a good few hours with Christian Bale's grounded, growly version of the Bat. On the animated side of things, Batman: The Killing Joke pits Kevin Conroy's Batman against Mark Hamill's acclaimed Joker in an adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's classic graphic novel. Finally, there's the 22-minute LEGO DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered, in which Troy Baker's LEGO Batman and the nascent Justice League embark on a global battle against a truly surprising villain.

Depending on how you like to approach your bat-marathon (bat-athon?), you can start serious with Batman Begins and then let Heath Ledger's fan-favorite Joker act as your gateway to chaos as you slide from The Dark Knight's comparatively realistic Nolan-verse to the controversial plot decisions of Killing Joke and, finally, a nice LEGO Super Heroes short. Alternatively, you might want to start soft and go from Batman: Be-Leaguered to Killing Joke to Christian Bale, or even sandwich the animated pics between the two Nolan movies. After all, it's your movie marathon. There are no rules — there's only Batman.