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Why Doc Holliday From Wynonna Earp Looks So Familiar

Camping under the starry sky as coyotes howl, ragtime music spilling out the doors of a saloon, tense shootouts on dusty town roads — these are all things most people would associate with westerns. Although the genre isn't as prevalent as it once was, there's a certain, undeniable appeal to stories set in the open expanse of the Wild West. Indeed, new westerns pop up every now and again, though they have a tendency to put some sort of spin on things to keep the genre fresh.

Wynonna Earp is the perfect example. Based on the comic book series of the same name by Beau Smith, it follows the life of the titular great-great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp, the lawman and gunslinger of O.K. Corral fame. Wynonna's family legacy has come back to haunt her — literally, in the form of resurrected outlaws her great-great-grandfather originally put down. Her mission: put them down again, with the help of Wyatt's revolver, "Peacemaker."

Of course, a lone woman and her gun aren't going to be enough to win the day. That's why, after joining the Black Badge Division, Wynonna works with the likes of Doc Holliday — the same dentist-turned-gunslinger who once fought alongside her ancestor, alive and well. If the actor who portrays the immortal cowboy, Tim Rozon, seems familiar, here's where you may have seen him before.

Tim Rozon rose to fame with Instant Star

Though he'd already been acting for a few years, most notably appearing in A&E's retelling of The Great Gatsby, it wasn't until 2004 that Rozon truly drew attention with his role in teen drama Instant Star. The popular show stars Alexz Johnson as Jude Harrison, a young woman who won a singing competition and pushes her music career forward. Of course, life is never black and white (especially not on teen dramas), and she is constantly faced with decisions that pit her love of music against her relationships.

Rozon plays Tom "Tommy" Quincy, a heartthrob who plays a huge part in much of the show's complicated relationship drama. Why so complicated? Because Tommy just so happens to be the producer at the record label Jude signed on with, and because there are other guys vying for her attention, and because he has a thing for her older sister Sadie (Laura Vandervoort), and because — yeah. Again, it's complicated, and Rozon plays off those complications extremely well.

Tim Rozon paddled up Schitt's Creek

For every rags to riches story, there's a riches to rags tale like Schitt's Creek. It begins when the prominent and wealthy Rose family has the rug pulled out from underneath them, losing both their video rental store (because Netflix wasn't always a thing, kids) and the fortune that came with it. Left with no choice but to set sail and start over, the Roses move to the titular Schitt's Creek, a small town that patriarch Johnny (Eugene Levy) purchased some years before. There, they meet the Schitts, who run everything from the motel the Roses are staying at to the town council.

Mutt (Rozon) is something of an exception to the rule. The long-estranged son of Mayor Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott) and his wife Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson), he doesn't do anything particularly special around town. His most noteworthy attributes are his good looks and extremely quiet demeanor — the former of which is largely appreciated by the women of Schitt's Creek, the latter of which is not. Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) falls for the trap nonetheless, only to find how fruitless it is having a conversation with a brick wall, no matter how well the bricks are laid. Rozon's grounded performance is a standout on a show rife with comedy.

Tim Rozon's had many recurring and guest roles

Rozon is generally more of a small screen actor, and over the years he's amassed an impressive number of recurring and guest roles on popular shows and television films — and not without recognition. Indeed, in 2011, he won a Gemini Award (which was essentially Canada's Emmy equivalent until it was discontinued) for Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role Dramatic Series for his one-episode role as Alexander Carson on Flashpoint. Not long after, he was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award (which sprung from the Gemini Awards and the Genie Awards to basically become Canada's Oscars) for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series for playing Alex Caine in Befriend and Betray.

Awards aside, Rozon has appeared on several other Syfy shows besides Wynonna Earp, including the supernatural drama Lost Girl as a Druid named Massimo, then horror dramedy Being Human as the husband of a werewolf, and the unfortunately short-lived Vagrant Queen as roaming space scavenger Isacc Stelling. The actor may have a knack for genre fiction, but he's also found work on police procedurals like Against the Wall and sports dramas like 15/Love.