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Vikings Fans Agree That This Is The Show's Best Bromance

Vikings had more than its fair share of memorable character relationships. Created by Michael Hirst, the History Channel original series was inspired by figures and events detailed in 13th-century Norse sagas and followed its characters across several decades. The series ran for six seasons, most of which followed the adventures and exploits of Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel), though the later seasons eventually saw the show shift its focus toward Ragnar's sons.

As a result of Vikings' decades-spanning timeline and wide breadth of characters, fans have spent years debating which of the show's relationships were its best. While the debate surrounding the ranking of Vikings' various romantic and antagonistic relationships may continue for years, too, Vikings fans seem to be — for the most part — in agreement on what the show's best bromance was. The answer probably won't come as much of a surprise to dedicated viewers of the series.

The fan-favorite Vikings bromance

Vikings fans recently participated in a Reddit survey to decide which of the historical drama's on-screen bromances was the best. The contenders were Athelstan and Ragnar, Athelstan and Ecbert, Ragnar and Floki, Floki and Ivar, Prince Oleg and Ivar, and Ragnar and his baby goat, with 226 fans participating in the survey. In the end, the winning, fan-favorite bromance was the one shared by Travis Fimmel's Ragnar and George Blagden's Athelstan.

Athelstan and Ragnar's friendship in Vikings is generally agreed by fans to be one of the show's best, so its victory in this Reddit poll doesn't come as much of a surprise. The two characters had one of the strongest and most interesting bonds in the entire show, and they influenced each other in surprising ways. Athelstan's death in Vikings season 3 also led to the scene where Ragnar buries him, which is considered by both fans and critics to be one of the most moving and impactful scenes in all of the series.

This fan survey only further proves the impact that Athelstan and Ragnar's friendship had not only on the characters themselves but also the viewers watching at home.