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This Is How Far Morgan Traveled Throughout The Walking Dead

Morgan Jones, played by Lennie James, has wandered in and out of The Walking Dead franchise since season one. 

We first meet Morgan in the show's first episode, "Days Gone By," when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wanders past his house after waking from his coma. Through Morgan, we first learn about the walkers. He even explains the number one rule of surviving a zombie apocalypse: don't get bit. "One thing I do know, don't you get bit. Bites kill," he tells Rick. "The fever burns you out. But then after a while... you come back." Morgan knows that you come back after getting bit because his wife has already succumbed to a walker bite, at this point. After Rick leaves Morgan to seek his family, Morgan eventually loses his son the same way he lost his wife. 

Morgan acts as a shadow character to Rick, going through some of the same traumas as the former sheriff and wandering through the same locales. Eventually, though, Morgan goes even further than Rick, by becoming a recurring character in the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead. 

This means that, over the course of both shows, he crosses the United States itself.

Morgan has travelled all across the American south

Morgan starts the outbreak in Macon, Georgia. He and his family initially head towards Atlanta, but wind up stopping when Morgan's wife is infected. Morgan meets back up with his friend in season 3 of The Walking Dead, but does not go with the group to the prison. Morgan stays in King's County until we meet him again in season 6, when he almost goes to Terminus.

Morgan eventually joins up with the main cast of The Walking Dead in the Alexandria Safe Zone. After defeating the Saviors, Morgan leaves Alexandria and heads west into Fear the Walking Dead territory. He travels several days, eventually winding up in Texas.

After helping newfound friends from the Dell Diamond stadium, Morgan decides to return to Alexandria and reconcile with Rick. Unfortunately, a hurricane hits as he travels back east. He takes shelter in a semi-truck and winds up being accidentally transported to Mississippi. Morgan eventually makes his way back to Texas.

Morgan's journey spans over 3,000 miles

Recently, a redditor with the username JonnyZiB compiled a map of all the locations on every piece of Walking Dead franchise media, and the sheer breadth of Morgan's travels is quite impressive. Altogether, it appears that Morgan has traveled over 3,000 miles throughout the two series in which he stars. Morgan travelled north from Macon, through the Carolinas, to Alexandria. From there, he went southwest, most likely going through Tennessee and Arkansas on his way to Texas. From Texas, there's the brief detour into Mississippi, and back to Texas. Aside from his life in Georgia, Morgan has spent the most time in Texas.

Fittingly enough, considering how much Morgan has traveled, he also has used more types of transportation than most other characters in the Walking Dead franchise. He's walked, ridden on horseback, driven cars until they ran out of gas, hitched in a semi, and even crashed a plane. All that's left, at this point, is some sort of amphibious car-boat hybrid. Maybe in season seven?