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Why WandaVision's Monica Rambeau Post-Credits Scene Means More Than You Realize

Major spoilers for WandaVision's finale

WandaVision has been one heck of a ride. The show referenced (and lampooned) sitcoms through the ages, all while telling a dark story of grief and the depths some will go to escape it. And, every time audiences thought they had the story figured out, a new plot twist crashed the party. Even the plot twists had plot twists, as demonstrated by the final few episodes. The finale culminated in a tightly woven ball of plot threads, mostly consisting of fights: Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) vs. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris); Wanda vs. White Vision (Paul Bettany); Wanda vs. Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn); oh, and Wanda vs. her own emotions. And like any good piece of Marvel media, the show ends on a post-credit tease that sets up future MCU projects.

WandaVision's final episode features two distinct post-credit scenes. One focuses on Wanda and what might be her entry into the Multiverse of Madness, and another features superhero neophyte Monica Rambeau. As with all Marvel post-credit scenes, there's more to its events than you might think, especially Monica's cliffhanger.

Skrulls, skrulls everywhere in WandaVision

Throughout WandaVision, Monica Rambeau has tried to reach out to Wanda Maximoff, against the orders of her boss Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg). This insubordination didn't win Monica any points with Hayward, but it did seemingly grab the attention of some extraterrestrial eyes.

In the first post-credits scene, a "police officer" drags Monica into the nearby movie theater, claiming someone wants to meet with her. But, the theater is empty. The police officer then shows her true face, literally; she's a shapeshifting Skrull, and she claims she was sent by an old friend of Monica's mother, Maria Rambeau. More importantly, it turns out this friend has been keeping an eye on Monica and wants to meet her, but not in the theater. No, that's too public. When Monica asks where the friend is, the Skrull merely points upwards, which could mean he's waiting in the rafters or in the atmosphere, but since this is a Skrull we're talking about, the most obvious implication is outer space. All Monica can do is smile.

I'm here to talk to you about the new Avengers initiative

The MCU's post-credit scenes used to be straightforward, but that method of storytelling went the way of the lenticular hologram comic cover. Because each new phase in the MCU features plot threads that hop around movies, it isn't uncommon for one film's post-credit scene to tie into a different movie altogether. So to understand what's going on in WandaVision's first post-credit scene, you need to watch (or at least be familiar with) both Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far from Home.

In Captain Marvel, Maria Rambeau, Nick Fury, and the titular Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) befriend the Skrulls and help protect them from the Kree. And yes, Monica Rambeau is the little girl who helps redesign Captain Marvel's outfit. As for Spider-Man: Far From Home, that film's post-credit scene reveals that a Skrull has been filling in for Nick Fury, who has been on vacation in a Skrull ship.

Now that you are caught up on seemingly unrelated plot threads, it's easy to see how they fit together. The Skrull who talked to Monica works for Nick Fury — or perhaps Talos; she did say "He'd like to meet with you," which only rules out Captain Marvel, who's a woman — and this Skrull is here to set that up. Where this will lead is a mystery, but it could be a new Avengers group; Avengers West Coast, anyone?