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The Walking Dead: The Truth About Daryl's Pet Dog

Contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 7 — "Stradivarius" and Season 10, Episode 18 — "Find Me" 

The Walking Dead has introduced countless characters throughout the show's ten seasons. While many have met their ends, and some definitely more tragic than others, there are a handful of characters who are still surviving in the harsh post-apocalyptic world. Of these characters is Daryl (Norman Reedus), the main character of the series who has managed to get by over the past couple of years. Although Daryl has encountered many of these long-gone characters, there is one that is loyal and has stayed by his side since Season 9. Of course, it's Dog.

Viewers were introduced to Dog in the Season 9's Episode 7, titled "Stradivarius." In this chapter, Dog makes his first appearance when Daryl escorts Carol (Melissa McBride) and Henry (Matthew Lintz) through the forest. Funny enough, when Carol asks Daryl if his furry companion ate, Daryl replies, "Dog ate yesterday," revealing the simplistic name that Daryl gave his dog. Over the course of the season, Dog protects Daryl, and even takes down a few zombies on his own. While Daryl and Dog have clearly formed an inseparable bond, it's hard to determine how they met due to the six year time jump in Season 9. However, fans received an answer in the Season 10 episode, "Find Me."

Dog actually belonged to another companion of Daryl's

"Find Me" serves as a flashback episode in which Daryl reminisces on some of the events that he experienced during the six year gap in Season 9. One of these memories reveals that he had encountered Dog for the first time when he met a mysterious woman named Leah. During the episode, it's revealed that Dog belonged to Leah (Lynn Collins). Together, the trio lived in Leah's cabin, and it was during this time that Daryl and Dog presumably got to know each other better.

In the flashback, Daryl and Leah grow closer to one another, and Daryl begins to develop feelings for her. Conflicted as to whether or not he wants to continue looking for his brother, or just live out his life with Leah, Daryl takes a moment to reflect in the woods. When he returns to the cabin, he's shocked to find that Leah has mysteriously vanished, leaving Daryl and Dog alone. At the very least, Dog was there to comfort Daryl during this tumultuous time, and has stayed by his side throughout the six years they've known each other. While Daryl might not have Leah, Dog has proven to be more than a consolation prize through the years.