Video games almost ruined by one cutscene

Not every piece of media is perfect. Most movies have one scene or another that will leave us scratching our heads or straight up cringing. Video games aren't safe from this rule, unfortunately, and we've dug up a few cutscenes that almost soured our entire experience with a particular title. Keep in mind that some of this stuff might be NSFW or just wholly offensive to your sense of good taste. It might be uncomfortable to look through, but at least you'll be aware of all the bad stuff and share in our pain.

Elise kisses Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

One of the biggest offenders on this list is 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog, with the infamous kiss between Princess Elise and Sonic taking center stage at the Cringe Olympics. This is a fine action-platformer, as most Sonic games tend to be, but what made it stand out was the plot. There was time travel, an implied romance between a human princess and an anthropomorphic hedgehog, and magical McGuffins in this tale, which culminated in a life-saving kiss between a human and a hedgehog. We were fine up until that point, but the scene was just so bizarre and fanfiction-like that it took us out of any enjoyment we felt from the game. May this never happen again.

It was all a dream - Super Mario Bros. 2

There's no denying Super Mario Bros. 2 is an insanely fun classic, especially since we get to pilot characters like Peach and Toad, which were usually just NPCs in Mario games of the time. The many different worlds and enemies in this title gave it loads of character, and we had a great time digging up sand, throwing eggs back at Birdo, and running away from evil-looking masks. As we made it to the end of the game, we were proud of ourselves for being platforming gods—but then as soon as we saw the final cutscene, our hearts sank. It turns out the entire adventure was all just a dream. We were so distraught that we wanted to toss a potion to the ground and enter a door that led us to a mirrored world at night, just so we could cry ourselves into a disappointed slumber. Oh well. At least the game was fun.

David creeps us all out - The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the finest games ever crafted in any generation, plunging players into an emotional story set in a savage post-apocalyptic world. But despite all of the spore-infected monsters and armed militias, we feel like the most dangerous enemy of all is David, the man who leads a group of cannibals and captures Ellie. As soon as we saw him onscreen, we could tell there was something inherently creepy about him, especially because of the way he talked to Ellie. His obsession with our young heroine led to some vomit-inducing exchanges of dialogue that had us wanting to find an adult for safety. It's a testament to Nolan North's voice acting that he can go from voicing a snarky, likable hero like Nathan Drake to sounding like a creepy uncle with David.

Tidus and Yuna laugh it up - Final Fantasy X

You probably knew it was going to show up at one point or another. And yes, we understand that it was meant to be intentionally awkward. But does that stop the infamous "laughing scene" from Final Fantasy X from being cringe-worthy and taking us out of the magic of the JRPG? No, it does not. Tidus and Yuna laughing boisterously at the wind can be adorable as a bonding moment, we guess—but that doesn't mean we don't want to plug our ears and take a break from the game every time we have to witness the scene.

Johnny Gat dies - Saints Row the Third

The Saints Row games are famous for being goofier versions of the Grand Theft Auto games. What might have felt like a clone of the series eventually became more outlandishly hilarious, and we were grateful for the change. But you know what kills the mood in an otherwise silly, slapstick-filled crime game? The death of one of the franchise's most beloved characters. Johnny Gat seemingly met his unfortunate end during one of the missions in Saints Row the Third, which caused the player character heaps of grief. As fans of the character, we mourned his loss too, but felt it was really out of place in a game that allowed us to fire squids onto people's heads to make them dance.

Bayonetta's cringe-inducing dance - Bayonetta

Speaking of dancing, there's a sequence at the end of the first Bayonetta game called "Let's Dance Boys" that has the titular character dancing for several minutes. And that's it. Bayonetta gyrates and twirls energetically on your screen for about three-and-a-half minutes, we assume as a reward to you for finishing her game. Now, there's plenty of content in the game that we wouldn't be comfortable showcasing in public, but this weird dance sequence really has us questioning whether or not the journey was worth it. If you enjoy it, then more power to you. As for us, we'd rather just see some credits and move on with our lives.

FemShep and Traynor get intimate - Mass Effect 3

There's no need to explain why this scene almost destroyed our spacefaring adventure. We understand not everyone has seen it since not everyone has romanced Traynor. But if you did, then you'd be treated to a scene in which FemShep and Traynor get cuddly in a shower, starting up one of the most awkward love scenes in the game. We don't know if it's because most BioWare love scenes feel kind of wooden, or if it's the fact that the character models look strange when wet, but we just wanted to fast-forward through all the intimacy. We're happy for the look at a more vulnerable FemShep, but we'd rather have our hardened hero back, thanks.

Sora and the gang dance underwater - Kingdom Hearts 2

The music in The Little Mermaid was arguably some of the best ever composed, with hit songs like "Under the Sea" and "Part of Your World" becoming earworms that last lifetimes. The "Swim This Way" musical sequence in Kingdom Hearts 2? Not so much. This portion of the game tested your rhythm as Sora and the gang danced and sang along with Ariel and her friends. The song, unfortunately, isn't catchy at all and ends with, "A musical for everyone to have a lot of finny fun." But, instead of "finny fun," we just wanted to dig our heads into holes in the sand.

Grooseland is discovered - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Whenever we play a Legend of Zelda game, we expect a sense of wonder and adventure that's accompanied by amazing music and challenging gameplay. We get a lot of that in Skyward Sword…but then we also get Groose. For whatever reason, this caricature of a bully from an '80s teen comedy is around for the adventure and chases down Link after descending from Skyloft. In this scene, he spends a few minutes freaking out about his surroundings before finally realizing how awesome it is that there's such a beautiful world beneath his home. He even dubs it "Grooseland," because his ego is apparently what kept him aloft in the sky. All we wanted to do when we touched down was cut up some grass and save Zelda, not be victim to this buffoon's musings.

Lymle is a brat - Star Ocean 4

Get ready to scratch your noggin in confusion at one of the most awkward cutscenes of all time, starring the cast of Star Ocean 4. In this Private Action, which is a cutscene that you can trigger tor raise your affection with party members, young Lymle wants to take "nappy time" with Edge, our protagonist. Although she looks like a child because she's a Lemurian, she's actually 15 years old. For her to act like this is kind of strange in the eyes of Faize, another alien party member. All of Lymle's dialogue is so sleepily-delivered and childlike that she effectively becomes a human (or Lemurian) Quaalude. This cutscene goes on for far too long and has us wishing it was never in the game to begin with. We just happen to enjoy our space operas with more action and intrigue, and less on the creepy little girl side.