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Jason Momoa Reveals Justice League Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Jason Momoa may have found the best way to make sure we all watch home movies of his family.

The Aquaman star shared an eight-minute, documentary-style video (via ComingSoon) that paints a vivid picture of his personal life. But he also included behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Justice League.

The big takeaway from the video is that Momoa loves his kids, but the video is beautifully shot with muted tones that give the whole thing an especially cinematic quality. And if you're looking for anything and everything you can find about Justice League, there are a few moments at the beginning to hold you over.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Momoa will begin shooting the solo Aquaman movie with director James Wan next year in Australia. We recently learned that Patrick Wilson will play the villainous Ocean Master in the flick.

Meanwhile, Justice League arrives in theaters November 17, 2017. Check out what we know about it so far.