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This Character Is The Most Powerful Hero In Legends Of Tomorrow

There's one in every family: the weirdo that doesn't fit in with their siblings. For Emily and Zoe, it was the little-known third sister, Scabs Deschenel, who lives in an abandoned attic and can't play the ukulele. For the CW's Arrowverse, it's Legends of Tomorrow, the bonkers story of a group of super individuals selected to become time travelers because removing them from world events won't change anything important. Their slogan, "sometimes we screw things up for the better," remains a daily mantra for some of America's greatest internet entertainment writers several seasons after the fact. Boarding a borrowed Doctor Who-ish time machine with a borrowed Doctor Who actor in a borrowed Doctor Who premise, this team of history's chosen losers has evolved into one of the most endearing entries in the DC television universe.

But who among their revolving door of characters could be labeled "most powerful"? It depends, of course — "power" is a multifaceted concept with a lot of definitions. You could argue that the faith of those around an entity is what grants them power, in which case the great Blue God Beebo is the most formidable being in Legends canon. Alternately, the point could be made that the ability to leave an emotional mark on your fellow man is the greatest power of all, which would put a tally in the Rebecca Silver column.

That said, when the chips are down and the bad guys are surrounded by crackling CGI energy, there's one Legend that fans can agree they'd turn to for help, even if he was a late addition to the team, and even if he does apparently only own one outfit.

You can always count on John Constantine

John Constantine: troubled hero, former frontman for Mucous Membrane, and one of fiction's few demon slayers that can be accurately described as "cheeky." To quote the man himself, he'll "drive your demons away, kick 'em in the bollocks, and spit on them when they're down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack." The chain-smoking warlock has been shown onscreen summoning hellfire, opening portals to the afterlife, bringing the dead back to life, and, most impressively, putting up with Gary. On the spectrum of superpowers, his bevy of abilities edges out other Legends talents like "good at karate" and "owns a flamethrower" by a not insignificant margin.

John Constantine came to the Legends the long way around. Played on the series by Matt Ryan, he started out on his own short-lived series on NBC. When the show got the ax after a single season, Ryan's take on the character started popping up in the Arrowverse, first on Arrow and then as a guest on Legends of Tomorrow, eventually landing a steady gig as a crew member on the Waverider. Since then, he's become a staple of the program, appearing as a series regular since season 4. It's weird to think that such a great character only made it onto Legends by way of a premature cancellation, but hey, sometimes things get screwed up for the better.