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Bella's Most Terrifying Ordeal In Twilight Isn't What You Think

Bella Swan, portrayed by Kristen Stewart in the film adaptations of the Stephanie Meyer book series, goes through a lot over the course of the Twilight saga. The sad details of her life are plentiful, as documented by websites such as Screen Rant, with some of the hurdles that she endures over the course of four books (and five films) being quite traumatic in nature. At various points in the Twilight series, Bella is tracked down and hunted by multiple vampires who want to kill her — first James, then Victoria — as well as manipulated and left by her boyfriend (although Edward does, of course, return to her), and is constantly getting hurt. This is not to mention just how toxic her relationship with Edward truly is, in the first place: from their massive age difference, to their uneven power dynamic, or the ways in which he subtly manipulates her, it's clear that their relationship is not exactly worth being put on a pedestal.

With Bella having so many close calls with death throughout the films, the most terrifying thing to happen to her may not be the first to come to mind. It takes place in the fourth film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and when you stop to think about it, it's seriously chilling.

Bella's birth scene is horrifying

Bella's birth scene takes place in the middle of the final book and is one of the final scenes of the fourth film, acting as the perfect cliffhanger for the final film to pick up from. There's a lot going on during the birth scene and, ultimately, it acts as the direct line between Bella as a human and her transformation into a vampire, something she has wanted since falling in love with Edward. Thus, Bella's transformation can easily overshadow the birth scene.

However, the baby's birth, when you pay attention to what is happening, is fairly traumatic in regard to how utterly crazy it is. 

After an exhausting pregnancy — in which the unborn half-vampire baby literally drains Bella's blood from inside her — Bella is extremely weak when it comes time for the baby to be delivered. The movement inside of her womb causes her spine to literally break, and as if that wasn't terrifying enough, Edward then has to use his teeth to finish getting the baby, Renesmee, out. Not to mention, by this point, Bella's blood is smeared all over the place. 

Viewers who have not read the book can only imagine how much more detailed — and more disturbing — reading the birth scene must be. However, one thing is for certain: it's a moment that's definitely not suitable for the faint of heart.