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The One Part About The Wizarding World That Bothers Harry Potter Fans

The Harry Potter franchise is known for its incredible world-building and extensive lore. However, there have been a few times fans notice that things might seem a bit out of place. When these occur, more often than not, Harry Potter fans have their own theories to help fill in the gaps. One of those many glitches in the wizarding world matrix can be found in the series' second entry, The Chamber of Secrets

According to a Reddit thread, one fan noticed that Rubeus Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) never gets his wand back after the end of the film and book, even after he's been proven innocent. It's a small detail that most viewers and readers probably would've overlooked, but it really does prompt one to wonder if J.K. Rowling or directors accidentally forgot to address what happened to Hagrid's wand. What could've been a glaring plothole was actually thoroughly explained by another fan who knew the ins and outs of the wizarding world.

Hagrid still has his wand, but the original accusations against him were never pardoned

In addition to him being removed from the school's grounds, young Hagrid's wand is broken in The Chamber of Secrets after he's framed for the killing of a girl. However, after Harry and his friends piece together the mystery, they learn that Voldemort was behind the attacks that occurred long ago. Despite clearing his name, Hagrid never gets his wand back. It turns out that wizarding law isn't so black and white. Reddit user barejane007 offered an explanation as to why the half-giant never got his wand back after the events of The Chamber of Secrets.

"He was never officially cleared for the charges in his youth, only the charges in Harry's second year," they said. "That's why Hagrid is technically not allowed to use a wand anymore and loses his ability to receive an education at Hogwarts. He however does have the remains of his wand in his umbrella. The wand probably got fixed and is hidden in the handle.

Additionally, the commenter also explained that racist Wizards in charge of the Ministry of Magic, which oversees wizarding law, may have also played a role in Hagrid's continued punishment. Instead of admitting they're wrong and possibly losing support from other higher ups who look down on half-humans like Hagrid (lest we forget, he's half-giant), they chose to not pardon him. It's rough out there for anyone who's not a pureblood.