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What Are Cashel And Kyra From Love Island USA Up To Now?

In 2019, Love Island premiered in the United States after a successful run in the United Kingdom. The reality competition show followed a group of young singles looking to find "love" and was filmed 24 hours a day just like its CBS sister show, Big Brother.

Five men and five women met at a tropical resort and immediately formed pairs after the men chose which woman they wanted to couple up with based on looks and vibes. Cashel Barnett was one of the first five men who entered the resort and partnered up with the quirky Caro Viehweg. Caro was totally smitten with Cashel, who seemed to feel the same way at first, but he began changing his mind as the hours ticked on. On Day 2, everything changed when Kyra Green was introduced to the gang as a new cast member and was given the power to choose any man she wanted to couple up with.

Unfortunately for Caro, Kyra nabbed Cashel for herself and drama ensued, if you can believe it. Despite the problems it caused for Caro, Krya and Cashel hit it off right away, and it seemed like they had what it took to make it to the end. At the season's midway mark, however, Kyra dumped Cashel and partnered up with tattooed bad boy Eric Hall. That partnership didn't last long, and all three members of the love triangle left the show single.

Shortly after filming wrapped, however, Kyra and Cashel found themselves back together.

Kyra Green and Cashell Barnett couldn't stay away from each other

The couple seemed to be doing great when they sparked their romance back up, but it was short-lived. Kyra and Cashel went several months doing the whole "on-again-off-again" thing, and in a shocking twist, it just didn't work out in the end.

Kyra told Bustle that she and Cashel were just "two very different kinds of people." They seemed to have one thing in common, though: taking pleasure in the company of someone outside their relationship. Kyra admitted that they both cheated, and after that, there was just no coming back from it. "I'm not a cheater myself, and I should have broken up with him after he initially cheated on me," she admitted. "But it just kind of spiraled after that. I didn't trust him. He didn't trust me."

The duo unfollowed one another on Instagram and have been living out their model lives since their split. Cashel began dating Alexandra Karacozoff and has documented some of their relationship on social media. The pair have not shared a photo together on Instagram since September 2020, so the current status of their relationship is unknown.

Cashel routinely posts selfies on his timeline, as well as professional photos from his modeling career. He still enjoys singing and playing the guitar and says he is "working on living in the moment," according to a February 21 post on his Instagram.

Kyra Green is busy living the model life

Kyra also has the modeling thing down pat and has been sharing her life with her fans online since Love Island season 1 ended in 2019. Her Instagram timeline is full of professional model photos, as well as selfies, and she has become the definition of a social media influencer. She often promotes lingerie, swimsuit, and beverage companies on her feed.

The reality star formed a close connection with Love Island season 2 star Cely Vazquez, and the pair hang out often and share photos together to their feeds. Kyra recently called Cely her "valentine," and the two posed together for a photo on the romantic holiday.

Kyra has not updated her fans on her love life recently, and she doesn't appear to be dating anyone. The model hasn't posed with a man on her timeline since October 2020, when she shared a photo of herself with Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey. The two were not romantically linked, despite the rumors their playful post sprouted.