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Why Fans Should Be Especially Excited For WandaVision Episode 8

With just two episodes of WandaVision left, the strings on everyone's theory boards have grown increasingly tangled. Was it truly Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) bending the laws of reality all along, or is there someone even more powerful working behind the scenes? Maybe it's the demon Mephisto, but signs are also pointing to the time-manipulating Immortus. Undoubtedly, no matter who's involved, the final two episodes will get awfully messy for Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), but there is some good news about episode 8: Its runtime.

Each week, the WandaVision episode serves up enthralling uneasiness and intriguing mystery in its crumbling sitcom format, but the biggest surprise always comes at the end — when the credits roll far too soon. With a fanbase accustomed to action-packed movies over two hours long, WandaVision has been the slowest of burns: the very first episode is the shortest, at only 30 minutes (even less if you don't count the excruciatingly long credits), while WandaVision's fifth episode was the longest so far at 42 minutes. This next one, however, will be 47 minutes long, according to an inside source.

Episode 8 may end up being the longest WandaVision episode yet

The source comes from Reddit, where user Plenty_Echidna_544 posted in the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit that episode 8 will have a 47-minute runtime. Sure, it's easy to dismiss random redditors for posting false information to get clout, but this one has actually been right before: they said episode 7 would be 38 minutes long, gave the subreddit moderators some sort of proof, and then was proven correct a few days later when the episode released on Disney+. Of course, one correct prediction isn't enough for a pattern, but it seems plausible that WandaVision will need a few extra minutes to finish the story.

As a Disney+ original, WandaVision has never been tied down by strict runtimes. Gone are the days of carefully crafted television schedules and advertisement slots; they've been replaced with the pure anarchy of streaming. However, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige told Collider that they do have guidelines for the Marvel Disney+ series: Either the show will be six hour-long episodes or nine to 10 half-hour-long episodes (WandaVision is the latter). These are simply guidelines, though, and WandaVision has already proven that the runtimes will vary as the episode's story calls for it. Fans will just have to hope the final two WandaVision episodes stretch beyond the 30-minute mark before the series comes to its inevitable end.