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People Think A '90s Simpsons Episode Predicted Ted Cruz's Latest Controversy

While extremely hilarious, The Simpsons also has its moments that definitely reflect our society. The show is well-known for making scarily accurate predictions, and more recently, another prophecy was fulfilled. In the past, many of the show's predictions revolved around events involving major figures — such as Trump winning the presidency or Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance — and this time is no different. Now, the show's latest prediction involves Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Recently, Cruz has come under fire from the internet for abandoning his state during a crisis. Over the past few days, Texas has been bombarded by a massive snowstorm that has impacted the state's power grid, heating systems, and water, per CBS News. Without these resources, many residents are left to fend for themselves as they brave extremely cold temperatures. Instead of remaining in Texas, Cruz chose to go on vacation to Cancun during the snowstorm. While many may have been shocked by this, it turns out The Simpsons might've predicted this event almost 30 years ago.

Ted Cruz and Mayor Quimby are thought to be one and the same

The moment in The Simpsons that relates most to the current fiasco in Texas is portrayed in the 1993 episode titled, "Marge in Chains." While this chapter in The Simpsons centers around Marge being imprisoned for shoplifting, there is a side plot that is very reflective of Cruz's situation. During the episode, Springfield is hit with an epidemic that prompts the city's Mayor Quimby to prematurely cancel his vacation in the Bahamas. After doing so, Quimby returns to the city to try and clean up the mess he abandoned.

This moment has been screen capped and posted on Twitter by various users, with many relating it back to Cruz fleeing Texas during a crisis — all for a vacation. "Simpsons does it again," one user wrote, further solidifying the fact that a handful of fans of the show believe this to be another instance of the show accurately predicting the future. "Surely this has been said, not abandoning your constituents to take a tropical vacation is such a comically low bar that it's literally a Simpsons gag," another user tweeted

After receiving a ton of criticism, Cruz told reporters (via NBC) that he regrets his decision to leave Texas. "It was obviously a mistake and in hindsight I wouldn't have done it," he said. "I understand why people are upset." Additionally, he told reporters that he felt guilty "leaving when so many Texans were hurting." Although this situation is still developing, the parallels between Cruz and Mayor Quimby are starting to look a little more clearer.