Rogue One TV Spot Might Reveal Star Wars Rebels Connection

Although Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first official movie spin-off based on the Star Wars mythology, there have been plenty other narratives loosely tied to the galactic-sized storyline. And a new TV spot for Rogue One sure makes it seem like Lucasfilm will bring one of them into the mix on the big screen.

The new promo (which comes directly from the Disneyland Experience YouTube page) seems to feature a ship from the animated series Star Wars Rebels. As points out, it looks like a VCX-100 light freighter (the iconic Ghost ship) is among the Rebel fleet that's attacking an Imperial Star Destroyer. (It shows up around 00:07 in the footage above, and it's the ship towards the bottom left with four boosters in a "T" formation.)

Rebels is set a few years ahead of the action in Rogue One, so it's unlikely any of the crew we know from the series would still be aboard it. It could just be a fun easter egg, but it could also signal a larger connection between both Rebels and Rogue One.

And we also know there's at least one other nod to animated Star Wars series: Saw Gerrera (played by Forest Whitaker) originated in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has been mentioned on Star Wars Rebels.

We'll likely need to wait to find out more when Rogue One arrives Dec. 16. Meanwhile, check out a few Star Wars mysteries the movie might finally answer.