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Star Wars: Rogue One Featurette Reveals New Creatures

Rogue One will introduce a lot of new faces to the Star Wars galaxy, and many of them won't look like anything we've seen before.

In a new featurette released by Lucasfilm, some of the cast including Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) and crew including director Gareth Edwards open up about the otherworldly creatures we'll meet in the upcoming anthology flick.

Alan Tudyk (who voices the droid K-2SO) said, "The creatures are amazing. Their eyes blink and move, and their lips have very subtle expression."

We also get a good look at Bistan, the "space monkey" who is an Iakaru, a species which has never before appeared in the Star Wars canon. Edwards said, "I love apes and monkeys in general and I love space, so when you combine the two... it's kind of a dream come true."

Watch the featurette above and gear up for the release of Rogue One on Dec. 16. Meanwhile, check out a few Star Wars mysteries the movie might finally answer.