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Felicity Jones Debuts A Rogue One Fight Scene On The Tonight Show

It's official: Felicity Jones could take Jimmy Fallon in a fight, even while wearing heels.

The star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped by The Tonight Show, and she demonstrated some of her newfound combat skills, all while being charmingly delightful.

But the big news is that she brought along an exclusive new clip from Gareth Edwards' upcoming Star Wars anthology flick. The scene (which begins in the video above at the 3:10 mark) features Jyn Erso (Jones) along with rebel Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), but it's Jyn who clearly steals the show. As a bunch of Stormtroopers swarm, she single-handedly takes them out.

The clip even reveals a bit of humor. Caught up in the moment, Jyn shoots an Imperial droid that just so happens to look exactly like her new ally K-2SO (Alan Tudyk). When K-2SO appears in the background, he asks, "Did you know that wasn't me?," and Jyn plays it cool.

Pre-sale tickets are available now, but if you're hoping to see Rogue One around the Dec. 16 release date, you'll need to move fast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first day sales were the biggest of 2016, and the movie is on pace to have the second-biggest December opening of all time (behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

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