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23% Of People Most Want To Hang Out With This Character From The Office

The office in The Office is far from a model workplace. While the series wears its heart on its sleeve and will devote no shortage of screentime to serious, meaningful relationships between many of its characters, those relationships exist and grow despite an oftentimes toxic work environment.

Viewers rarely get to see the series' central cast of characters outside of work hours, given that the primary conceit of the show is that its characters are defined onscreen by the identities they tailor to their place of employment. It's only natural, then, that some of the many diehard fans of The Office might feel some degree of curiosity about how its characters function in a purely social or otherwise nonprofessional setting.

Looper conducted a poll of 650 people in the United States to figure out which character fans of The Office would want to hang out with most IRL. Taking first place after earning approximately 23% of fan votes was Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), because of course it was.

Jim is an ideal fictional friend

The Office's main characters can each be categorized, more-or-less, either as predominately unusual or as a voice of reason. Kevin, for example, is unusual. Oscar oftentimes accompanies Kevin in scenes as an accompanying voice of reason. Jim Halpert is arguably the most prominent voice of reason on The Office as a member of the show's core four alongside Michael (Steve Carell), Pam (Jenna Fischer), and Dwight (Rainn Wilson). However, unlike most other characters that serve a voice-of-reason role on sitcoms generally, Jim is consistently funny.

By comparison, Marge Simpson, another famous voice of reason, very well can be funny and is generally likable. However, Marge rarely expresses her own distinct sense of humor. Jim pranking Dwight, meanwhile, is one of the most memorable reoccurring comedic bits on The Office – even if his pranks sometimes go too far.

This sensible-yet-funny persona makes Jim Halpert an ideal fictional friend. He's not too weird to get along with, but not too mundane to be a figurative stick in the mud either.

Getting to know Michael and Kelly

Taking second place in the poll results was Michael Scott, who earned just about 19% of the total vote.

Michael is famously, at best, a flawed person. A real-life version of Michael would most likely be off-putting and exactly the type of person most Office fans would not want to encounter in a social setting. That said, it's easy to imagine why the many viewers who spent seven seasons of The Office's expansive story with Michael might nevertheless take the opportunity to spend some time him in real life if given the chance. To watch the Michael-starring seasons of the show is essentially to understand Michael, and perhaps appreciate his, ahem, unique way of being in the world.

In third place was Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling), who earned approximately 16% of fan votes. Simply put, Kelly is fun. Like Michael, Kelly can be categorized as an unusual character. But just as Jim contains comedic multitudes for a straight man, both Michael and Kelly get their fair share of serious or otherwise relatable moments too.

On one hand, Kelly is just the type of person who, despite some eccentricities, might be the life of a hypothetical party. On the other hand, Mindy Kaling has become one of the more successful Office actors to rise to prominence following the show's conclusion, ultimately starring in her own series, The Mindy Project. Some of the votes Kelly received could thus be votes for Kaling too. We definitely understand the appeal.

The rest of the office

Pam came in fourth place, earning around 15% of all votes. Pam is unique to the series in that she's more of a Marge Simpson than a Jim Halpert. Pam can be funny, but far more frequently she provides a voice of reason. That said, Pam is oftentimes the crux of major dramatic moments, like the airport scene with Michael, positioning her as something of a friend-like figure in a similar manner to her husband, Jim.

In fifth place was Dwight Schrute, who earned just under 10% of the total vote. Those who voted for Dwight most likely have an enviable passion for beets. That, or they simply couldn't resist the opportunity to meet Mose (Michael Schur). 

Finally, in sixth place, came Creed Bratton (Creed Bratton). Creed earned just about 9% of the total vote. He might not make the most lucid conversational partner, but a conversation with Creed would nevertheless be fascinating. Just under 9% of voters chose an "Other" option, though most of those voters specified having never seen The Office. Thus, Jim, Michael, Kelly, Pam, Dwight, and Creed are definitively the Office characters fans of the series want to hang out with the most.