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Blizzard Unveils $150 Overwatch Reaper Statue

Blizzard Entertainment has just revealed a brand new Reaper statue, priced at $150, for hardcore Overwatch fans to pre-order.

This collectible is designed by Senior Sculptor Brian Fay and is made out of polystone, standing at 12 inches tall. The deadly assassin is posed with his arms out, as if he just started performing his "Death Blossom" Ultimate attack, sending shotgun shells flying in all directions.

Just in case you had any money left over after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a pre-order of this statue will set you back $150—or if you want to max out the "two statues per customer" limit, that's a $300 investment for double your Reaper fun. The statue will ship in two waves, with Wave 1 landing sometime during the first quarter of 2017 and Wave 2 before the end of the year's third quarter. You'll have a while to wait for it, but at least you can give Blizzard your money now in order to lock in a statue. While you wait, you might as well keep playing Overwatch, which just happens to be one of the best games on the PlayStation 4.