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The Flash Finally Reveals The Identity Of Dr. Alchemy

Contains spoilers for The Flash

You might have seen it coming a few miles away, but the "Killer Frost" episode of The Flash finally revealed the true identity of the Season 3 villain Dr. Alchemy.

Kevin Smith directed the episode, and the big unveil came during the final moments. Turns out it's Julian Albert (Tom Felton), although he might not be all that happy about it himself.

After Julian forces Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to resign in exchange for covering up the whole Caitlin kidnapping thing, Julian awakens in the hospital to the sound of a familiar voice. The CSI tries to run away, but he stumbles outside where he's greeted by Savitar, the God of Speed, who demands that Julian become his servant "once more." Julian then goes to his lab, unlocks a cabinet, and pulls out the Alchemy mask.

(Poor Tom Felton. His characters always seem to get tangled up in evil thanks to pushy overlords.)

As ScreenRant points out, it seems like writers for The Flash might have looked for inspiration to the Curtis Engstrom version of Alchemist from the comics. That character, like Julian, wasn't a criminal, but a smart guy trying to do good.

We also don't know how Julian first became Dr. Alchemy, or how he can see Savitar despite not being a speedster. But we'll probably have to wait at least a few weeks for answers. Next week's episode will be part of the four-show "Invasion" crossover with SupergirlArrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Still, with the "Flashpoint" storyline basically tied up and 16 more episodes to go in Season 3, there should be plenty of time to delve into Alchemy.