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The Real World Consequences Of Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman is dangerous. It's a dark and serious film disguised as a fun popcorn movie. Cinematic experiences affect us; they teach us lessons and change how we view the world. People will go to see this movie expecting a good time, unprepared for the dark reality. They'll leave the theater changed people, and our entire society will be placed at risk as a result. You may not be ready to fully understand—but here are the real-world consequences of seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It Teaches That Helping Is Wrong

During Superman and Zod's fight at the end of Man of Steel, they flatten parts of Metropolis. The first promotional material for Batman V Superman shows a group of United States senators holding Superman legally responsible for this destruction. Even Batman seems upset at Superman for fighting Zod. All of these people seem to forget that Superman was defending not only Metropolis, but also the entire planet. Sure, he could have handled the fight better and moved it away from the center of the city. But he still had to do something, or every human on the planet would have died. We sure didn't see Batman swooping in to help, now did we? Superman is being punished for saving the world, which is a horrible message. Kids seeing this movie will learn that no matter how much is at risk, it's wrong to even try to help. They'll grow up walking by burning buildings, driving past car crashes, and will never consider stopping to help. Superman helps people, and it makes Batman mad. No one wants to make Batman mad.

It Teaches That Heroes Fighting Other Heroes Is Still Heroic

Batman fighting Superman isn't a heroic thing to do, but that's how it's being presented. Superman is a good guy. He saves people, and he stops bad people from doing bad things. Batman usually does the same. If they're busy fighting each other, however, then they're preventing the other one from performing their usual heroic duties. Batman V Superman teaches people that this is still heroic behavior. Can you imagine the results? Eventually, cops and police officers will stop doing their jobs so they can start fist-fighting each other in the street. You can almost hear director Zack Snyder now: "Heroes shouldn't let other heroes also be heroes." Criminals will run wild on the street while paramedics ask detectives if they can bleed, and then tell them that they will. It'll be anarchy!

David S. Goyer Will Continue To Be Allowed To Write Scripts

Like Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman V Superman was written by David S. Goyer. While that seems like an impressive resume, he also wrote Blade: Trinity, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and that made-for-TV version of Nick Fury movie starring David Hasselhoff. His resume is actually incredibly depressing. His work on Nolan's Dark Knight movies was a fluke (and improved by the writing abilities of Jonathan Nolan). Goyer is actually terrible. By seeing Batman V Superman, we're telling Hollywood to keep giving this man more work. That means we'll get more movies like Jumper and The Crow: City of Angels. Society can't handle that level of awful. Audiences will see these big budget wastes of film and lose faith in themselves. People will forget what quality work actually is and just accept garbage in every aspect of their life. In the future, historians will wonder what caused our society to literally crumble. And all they'll find are fossilized ticket stubs to David Goyer movies.

Zack Snyder's Style Will Prosper

Whenever a movie is successful, Hollywood decides it has to copy every aspect of it..And of course, Zack Snyder, the director of Batman V Superman, has a very distinct style. When this movie is a success, everyone in Hollywood will say "okay, everyone do that from now on!" Every movie will start looking like Zack Snyder movies, and that's terrible. Snyder's films are all style over substance. He loves to include "cool" looking shots that don't actually advance the story or characters in any significant way. He also loves slow motion way too much. There's a scene in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead where a character washes her hands in slow motion. It'll cause an epidemic: within a decade of Batman V Superman's release, every Hollywood picture will be 70 percent slow motion. Movies will run for three hours, but will only tell 15 minutes worth of story. Character answering the phone? Slow motion. Starting the car? Slow motion. That's the new norm in Hollywood, all because we all just had to see Superman get punched by Batman. In slow motion.

Color Is A Bad Thing

For whatever reason, these movies all hate color. It made sense in Nolan's Dark Knight movies, because Batman wears all black and primarily works at night. But Superman wears blue and red and flies around in the sunlight. His movies should be bright and colorful, not sepia toned. It's hard to miss his agenda: he wants the world to know that color is wrong. Even Wonder Woman, who we've seen in preview images, is barely wearing any colors. Based on other previews, Snyder threw out Aquaman's orange shirt and replaced it with monotone tattoos. Every hero in these movies shuns color, and people are noticing. If heroes hate color, logically, that means that color is evil. Anyone wearing any sort of color in a post-Batman V Superman world will be locked away without committing any crime. They were wearing color, and that's dangerous enough.

It Basically Says Fun Is Dumb

When discussing his role as Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg told IGN that this was a character who could appear in any kind of movie, and just happens to be in a big superhero flick. The implication was that this was a grounded character who wouldn't only work in a world of comic book heroes. Zack Snyder told the Daily Beast that his films transcended being comic book movies, and then took a shot at Marvel's Ant-Man. The filmmakers didn't simply just make a different style of movie, they're saying that their version is fundamentally better. By making the movies more grounded and realistic, they've taken out everything that makes them fun. Marvel movies are bright and funny—and according to Zack Snyder, that makes them not as good as the serious and dark DC Comics-based movies. The message is clear: if you enjoy life and like having a good time, then you're a dummy. Schools will lose recess, high school sports teams will be disbanded, music will be forgotten. Our society will turn into a bunch of bored intellectuals repressing any desire to ever smile. All because people saw Batman V Superman.