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What The Cast Of Eureka Is Doing Today

First debuting on Syfy (then Sci-Fi Channel) on July 18, 2006, sci-fi dramedy Eureka felt like the Little Show That Could. While it wasn't initially a hit with critics, it gained enormous ratings for the network. Though its ratings over the course of five seasons dropped (as many shows tend to do), it gained a loyal cult following that still has love for it to this day. Eventually, it even gained some critical recognition, earning an Emmy nomination in 2007 for its special effects. But Eureka was never as concerned with its critics as with its fans, and fans embraced it in return.

This was in large part thanks to the quirky cast of characters that populated the fictional titular town of Eureka, Oregon. Eureka was populated by genius theoretical physicists, engineers, and all manner of scientists who worked for the top-secret research facility Global Dynamics. The main protagonist of the show was U.S. Marshal and blue-collar everyman Jack Carter, who, though a twist of fate, ends up becoming sheriff of the town. The series followed him as he navigated the ins and outs of protecting a town just as likely to be dealing with the accidental creation of a wormhole or gravity being temporarily inverted as it was break-ins or property disputes. Let's see what the cast of Eureka is up to today, shall we?

Colin Ferguson - Sheriff Jack Carter

The audience surrogate and heart of the show was Sheriff Jack Carter. Fans embraced Jack for being the one "normal" guy in over his head in a town full of eccentric super-geniuses. Colin Ferguson's rugged good looks and down-to-earth demeanor served him well in the role, and fans of other series have since learned why Eureka fans loved him so much. In the years immediately after Eureka ended, Ferguson went on to have recurring roles in The Vampire Diaries, Cedar Cove and Haven, and in 2017, he guest-starred as Boone in season 4 of You're The Worst, earning praise for his work. And, no, your eyes don't deceive you — Ferguson is the guy you see in Maytag ads, having taken over the role of the classic Maytag Man in 2014. 

It may surprise you to learn Ferguson is a Christmas movie veteran, too, having appeared in no less than four — that's right, four — romantic Christmas movies for Lifetime and Hallmark. Maybe his desire to be in all that snow is due to him having grown up in Montreal, Canada. Ferguson is fluent in both French and English and he's put it to good use in his years since playing Jack Carter as a celebrity guest writer on NHL.com covering his beloved Montreal Canadiens. We really need to see Ferguson in a hockey show now.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield - Dr. Allison Blake

Salli Richardson-Whitfield's brilliant scientist Dr. Allison Blake kept fans enthralled as Jack Carter's on-again, off-again, will-they, won't-they love interest. She was a true feminist icon, as both the high-powered liaison between the Department of Defense and the law enforcement agencies regarding Eureka and Global Dynamics and as the mother of an autistic son. She was bold, flawed, and fantastic, and Richardson-Whitfield carried those qualities into her projects after Eureka, appearing on shows like The Newsroom, Being Mary Jane, and NCIS as well as taking on the role of covert agent Maggie Baptiste in sci-fi crime drama Stitchers in 2015.

But behind the camera is really where Richardson-Whitfield's passion lies, and it shows. After cutting her directing teeth directing two episodes of Eureka, she's gone on to become one of the best genre TV directors working today. You've likely watched episodes of TV Richardson-Whitfield has directed as she's done everything from dark fantasy with The Magicians, American Gods, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to sci-fi like Stitchers and Altered Carbon, acclaimed dramas like Queen Sugar and The Chi, and the comedy of Black-ish. She's even helmed episodes of half a dozen comic book series, winning the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series in 2019 for her work on Marvel's Luke Cage. You've definitely seen her work without even realizing it.

Erica Cerra - Jo Lupo

Similar to Jack Carter, Deputy Sheriff Josephina "Jo" Lupo, played by Erica Cerra, was relatively "normal" compared to the rest of the town. However, even though she wasn't a genius with science, she was more than capable with firearms and weaponry thanks to her years as an elite U.S. Army Ranger. So impressive was her work that she eventually went on to become the Head of Security at Global Dynamics, and fans loved her for her pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude. 

Cerra is a self-described enormous fan of sci-fi and fantasy, appreciating the escapism they offer, and her busy career has been built almost exclusively in that realm. Genre fans likely know her well: Cerra has had guest spots in shows like iZombie, Deadly Class, and as Trini's mom in the 2017 Power Rangers movie. But fans will best recognize her from her recurring role as duplicitous angel Duma in Supernatural and as the villainous A.L.I.E./Dr. Becca Franco in The 100. And here's a fun fact: Her first recurring TV role after Eureka was playing Laurel Burke in drama Rush, one of the only non-genre roles of her career, with Tom Ellis in the lead role. Three years later, she guest-starred on the hit show, Lucifer — in which her old co-star, Tom Ellis, just happened to play the title character. Full circle! 

Neil Grayston — Douglas Fargo/S.A.R.A.H.

Well-meaning but bumbling Douglas Fargo was Eureka's junior scientist, beyond brilliant but often dismissed by his peers for his ideas often being even too out-there for a bunch of theoretical physicists. Though it has to be said Fargo didn't exactly help himself since he was often the cause of the town's latest calamity, usually due to his curiosity and lack of common sense finding him meddling with strange objects and equipment he shouldn't. Since Eureka, Neil Grayston has had guest and recurring roles in a number of television series like The True Heroines, Spooked, Daredevil, and The Magicians

Grayston may not be acting as much anymore, but he still keeps up a regular presence on social media, where he is completely and hilariously a full-blown "cat dad" — like, seriously an amazing cat dad — with his cat Purrcy appearing on Grayston's Twitter and Instagram posts even more than his incredible wife. As a true geek gamer, you can also find Grayston on his Twitch channel, where he has a large and loyal following.

Joe Morton - Henry Deacon

Sure, most people know veteran actor Joe Morton from his role as doomed scientist Miles Dyson in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But that wasn't the only time he played a genius scientist. Dr. Henry Deacon was Eureka's playful riff on the stereotype of the small-town jack of all trades, but in a town like Eureka, the local mechanic is much more than he seems. Henry's engineering and mechanical genius were often crucial to figuring out how to stop whatever disaster was threatening the town, and, as the one conscientious objector to Global Dynamics' experiments, he often was the moral center of the show. 

Morton's gravitas and screen presence have served him well since Eureka, as he's gone on to star in a number of shows such as Proof, Scandal (for which he won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series), and God Friended Me. These days, fans likely best know him for playing Silas Stone, father of Cyborg, in Justice League. Morton keeps himself extremely busy as an actor on stage, TV and film, but also as a singer-songwriter — in fact, you can hear some of his music in the Eureka episode "Stoned." Morton even won an Audie Award in 2020 for his audiobook narration of Ta-Nehisi Coates' debut novel, The Water Dancer. Basically, he's done it all.

Chris Gauthier - Vincent

Vincent was the owner of Eureka's local café, Café Diem, but don't let his day job fool you — he was actually a gourmet chef with a Ph.D in molecular gastronomy, and was forever trying to refine Jack Carter's palate (seriously, never ask Vincent for ketchup). It injected more than a little humor into the show thanks to Chris Gauthier's timing. While it was never explicitly stated, it was also hinted at numerous times throughout Eureka's run that Vincent was gay, making him Eureka's only resident LGBTQ+ character — as far as we knew. 

The British actor has been living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for a few decades, and as such, he's been spotted all over a number of TV shows shot in the Pacific Northwest, including iZombie, Once Upon a Time, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Though he keeps busy with all his guest roles, he's just as content to be a doting dad to his two kids and keeping active on social media.

Jordan Danger - Zoe Carter

Adding to Jack Carter's exasperation is his rebellious teenage daughter, Zoe, played by Jordan Hinson, thanks to the fact that Zoe was a genius herself but also possessed her dad's street smarts, making her a disciplined single parent's worst nightmare. After breaking out in Eureka as Zoe, Hinson's biggest role was as Roxie in TV series Kevin from Work, as well as a few movies. 

These days, Hinson resides in Los Angeles and goes by the stage name Jordan Danger, but she hasn't acted since 2018. Instead, she's stepped behind the camera, cutting her teeth as producer on her first few projects in 2018. She's a writer, director and producer, playing the role of all three on her short film Marmalade. That short was the test run for her first feature film, God Save the Queen, which Danger also wrote, directed and produced. Otherwise, she remains largely elusive on social media, only occasionally posting on her Instagram account.

Niall Matter - Zane Donovan

Played by Niall Matter, snarky and sarcastic "bad boy" of Eureka Zane Donovan was the town's troublemaker, a wayward genius criminal roped into working for Global Dynamics or facing serious jail time after crashing the New York Stock Exchange for fun. Eventually, he settled into life in the town and matured, even starting a relationship with Jo Lupo, who was a big part in helping reform him.

Since Eureka, Matter has been a busy actor with regular roles in TV shows like Primeval: New World, Arctic Air, Remedy, When Calls the Heart, and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. But Matter has moved out of the genre space to become a romantic leading man. In fact, Matter beats out even Colin Ferguson's work in Christmas movies, having starred in a whopping seven Christmas rom-coms as well as a few other non-Christmas romance movies in the past decade. And who can blame him? He's still kept his leading man looks, might as well use them! Fans of Eureka will also be happy to learn Matter is still friends with his old costars Neil Grayston and Ferguson — though, as an Edmonton Oilers fan, he and Ferguson are rivals once hockey season starts. He may not have much time to watch hockey, however: Matter is also the dad to two young kids, who keep him busy. 

Ed Quinn - Nathan Stark

Nobel prize-winning mathematician and researcher, Nathan Stark runs Global Dynamics with an iron fist — and sometimes shady motives, which often puts him at odds with Jack Carter, not to mention their rivalry over Allison Blake. He's charming, suave, rich, and his perfectly-groomed goatee and bespoke suits belie the fact he can often be ruthless when the situation calls for it. Sound familiar yet? It should: Nathan Stark has a lot in common with Marvel's Tony Stark when it comes to looks, background, and personality, and Ed Quinn nails every facet of the complicated character. 

Quinn has certainly kept busy since Eureka, with roles in Revenge, Mistresses, 2 Broke Girls, and One Day at a Time. More recently, he's been seen playing President Hunter Franklin in The Oval, a fitting role for his distinguished looks. But Quinn's other passion is music — he studied with famed guitarist Joe Satriani when he was younger, and played in L.A.-based bands Mad Theory and Scattergood. Though he's busy with acting these days, he still finds time to dabble on the guitar from time to time. 

Debrah Farentino — Beverly Barlowe

Sure, Nathan Stark may have been a grade-A a-hole at times, but give him credit — at least he was always honest about who he was. No, Eureka's real secret villain as Dr. Beverly Barlowe, the town's therapist — and secret agent of the shadowy organization known as the Consortium. Beverly is usually the driver of the story behind the story, selling Eureka's secrets to her employers, and she makes a great villain thanks to Debrah Farentino's ability to be warm and inviting on the surface and cold-blooded in reality.

Farentino hasn't actually done much acting since Eureka, only appearing in single episodes of Criminal Minds and Trouble Creek. Instead, she's turned to journalism, appearing as a CBS special correspondent covering the USAF Guardian Angel units, going with the Special Forces units on rescue missions in Afghanistan. She's also produced news segments and investigative reports, winning a Suncoast Emmy for her work producing Saving America's Heroes. Farentino has two daughters, and one of them clearly got bitten by the same journalistic bug as her mother: her daughter, Molly Adams, is a photographer and documentarian.

Tembi Locke - Grace Monroe

Dr. Grace Monroe was the compassionate yet fiery neuroscientist and wife of Henry Deacon, both his intellectual equal and his partner in running their mechanic shop. Oh, and in an alternate timeline, she was also a spy for the Consortium. Sci-fi science — it was a whole complicated thing. She was played by the talented Tembi Locke, who has since gone on to appear in a number of TV series from NCIS and its spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles to The Magicians and Never Have I Ever — and some fans might recognize her from her turn as Dr. Walcott in Dumb and Dumber To

Locke's passion is in social activism, however. She's a vegetarian and an experienced urban homesteader, taking vacant lots in her current home of Los Angeles and transforming them into co-op produce gardens. She's also involved in several social activism initiatives and has given TEDxTalks and keynote addresses. She's passionate about cooking and sustainability, something learned from her late husband, Saro, an Italian chef. Saro died in 2012 and Locke wrote a memoir about her experience titled From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily and Finding Home, carrying his legacy forth in her advocacy work.

Christopher Jacot - Larry Haberman

Clarence "Larry" Haberman was a smaller role on Eureka, but a memorable one nonetheless. As a rival to Douglas Fargo, the two are in constant competition, but Larry is annoying on a level even Fargo can't deal with. As a fun character quirk, Larry was shown eating in almost every single scene he was in, no matter what was happening at the time. Larry may be annoying, but the actor who played him, Christopher Jacot, certainly isn't, with a successful career as a screen actor as well as a voice actor. 

The TV side of things has seen Jacot appear with recurring roles in shows like Rogue, Saving Hope, and Slasher. But Jacot has found particular success in voice acting, doing everything from animated series to video games. In TV voice acting, you can hear him as the voice of Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch, in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, as Topher in the animated franchise Total Drama, and as the voice of Shinobu in the English dub of Beyblade: Shogun Steel. On the video game side of things, gamers will recognize Jacot's voice from his work as Maurice Vega in Watch Dogs and as Dusan Nemec in Watch Dogs 2. Talk about a versatile set of pipes.