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WandaVision: Westview's Possible Location Connects To The Marvel Comics

WandaVision is set in the scenic suburb of Westview — at least we think it is! The Disney+ series is mysterious in so many ways that we can't even be secure in the knowledge that Westview is a place that exists on any traditional map. For now, Westview is at least real enough for Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) to raise their family in a cozy two-story house with a backyard.

While the third episode, "Now in Color" seems to present the likelihood that Westview is actually located in some kind of chaos magic-sustaining pocket dimension, within the confines of its own sitcom storytelling Westview seems to be located in another kind of pocket dimension entirely — New Jersey.

There are three reasons for thinking that, at least in the fictional sense, Wanda and Vision are cooling their heels in the Garden State. In the first episode, "Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience," there's a For Sale sign outside Wanda and Vision's house that lists a 732 area code, a number which covers parts of Central New Jersey. In the second episode, "Don't Touch That Dial," Vision hears his neighbors mention Hackensack — a town in Bergen County, NJ. Now, in the third installment, we see Vision walk past a building waving the New Jersey state flag.

If there's one thing we know about WandaVision, it's that Easter eggs are located virtually everywhere. It turns out that even living in New Jersey is a reference to something from Wanda and Vision's comic book past — or at least a version of it.

Say hello to The Scarlett Wench and Vizzion

You've probably heard of Marvel's What If...? — a comic (and soon to be television) series that posits key moments in the Marvel Universe in which things could've gone differently. What you might not know is that Marvel also created a similarly-titled comic book series called What The–?!, which was a space for Marvel writers to parody many of their most famous characters. And in the pages of What The–?!, we are introduced to the Scarlett Wench and Vizzion — you'll never guess who they're a parody of.

As is the case with so many of Marvel's oddball stories, Scarlett Wench and Vizzion are canonically citizens of an alternate Earth — Earth-9047 to be exact. Much like in the MCU, Scarlett Wench and Vizzion are married. Not only that, but the pair also wind up moving to the suburbs of Leonia, New Jersey.

Wench and Vizz don't have the best of luck in Leonia. The first house they occupy is burned down by anti-mutant bigots. Considering we recently saw Wanda and Vision's neighbor Herb (David Peyton) sawing through the wall between their respective properties, it's certainly not impossible that Westview might become similarly inhospitable in the WandaVision episodes to come.

Perhaps most interesting for fans of WandaVision is that Scarlett Wench and Vizzion had something else in Leonia: kids. In the context of the What The–?! story, Scarlett Wench and Vizzion's kids only exist when observed. At this point, we have no way of knowing if the two children Scarlett Witch gave birth to during "Now in Color" really exist, since their entire reality may be an invention of Wanda herself. We'll find out more as the season progresses.

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